Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses

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Over the years we have started to lead a more sedentary lifestyle with screens and technology taking over from exercise and physical movement. Our bodies are no longer used to activities such as running, crawling and climbing and in a bid to change this we have introduced our range of Obstacle Courses which bring us back to our roots as they encourage us to move by running, crawling and climbing.

When choosing equipment from this range of units ensure you select equipment that will offer a variety of exercises and encourage movement in the legs and arms. New modern obstacle courses are designed for fun with scalable difficulty levels make it work for young and old and strong and unfit.

If you require obstacle courses for children check out our fitness playgrounds and to learn more about building obstacle courses for adults learn more here.

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FAQ - Obstacle Courses

How long should I spend using obstacle course equipment?

This is very much up to you - it really depends on the number of features on the unit and your fitness level. You can go around two, three or four times - it is up to you! You can break away for a short sprint or run and then return to the obstacles - it is your choice. However, we recommend that, as with all training regimes, that you set a reasonable target that suits your level and ability and that can be modified as you develop.

What is the minimum recommended amount of obstacle course equipment for a site?

You need to have at least five different activities to ensure you cover the basics. Your obstacle course equipment should meet the challenges of balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing along with some overhead exercises.

How many people can participate at the same time?

Obstacle courses can accommodate numerous users at once. You can stagger start times and as long as you agree which direction the challenge should be attempted, everything should run smoothly!

Do you have to be part of a team or club to take part?

Obstacle courses can be used and enjoyed on your own but often it is more fun and enjoyable when shared with friends.

What are the benefits of outdoor obstacle course equipment?

Physical Benefits


The varied nature of obstacle courses means that by the end of the course users will have benefited from a well rounded, full body workout. The movements required to complete obstacles such as rope walls and jump pods provide a fantastic way to improve overall strength.


Obstacle course equipment provides a great opportunity for users to improve their endurance levels. Physical and mental stamina are required to complete the various tasks which can be demanding on the user. The Irish climate can also increase the difficulty of the course as wind and rain can make the course more challenging!


Users have to be prepared to face many different challenges along the way - everything from hurdles to overhead ladders which means users have to think quickly. This helps to improve both physical and mental agility and as agility increases users should be able to overcome challenges more efficiently - both on and off the obstacle course.

Cognitive Benefits


There has been extensive research into the impact of exercise on confidence with studies documenting that physical activity links to higher self-esteem. Obstacle course equipment offers a fun exercise activity that encourages users to work their bodies and brains to overcome challenges which leads to a sense of achievement. As users fitness improve they will be able to complete the courses faster and more efficiently which will in turn improve their confidence.


An interesting feature of an obstacle course is that there may be more than one way to overcome each challenge. Due to this users are encouraged to think of creative solutions to progress which will result in an improvement in their problem solving skills.

Social Benefits

Team Building:

Outdoor obstacle course equipment provides fun and exciting opportunities for group exercise. A wide range of challenges are provided which means people with all levels of fitness can enjoy exercising together and exercising in a group means support and help can be provided if needed. Obstacle courses can also encourage healthy competition between peers - especially if an outdoor gym timer is on site!

How to choose the right obstacle course parts for your site

It is important to consider two things when picking an obstacle course - who is it for and where will it be installed?

It is important to consider the user when designing your area - a site for professional athletes will feature different obstacle course parts to a site for an active ageing group. Plan your area around your users and consider their goals and how the units can help them achieve these. Our extensive range of outdoor fitness solutions enables you to easily design a bespoke obstacle course that fits your users' requirements.

The location of the obstacle course is another important consideration - obstacle courses are large and will require a large area so people can enjoy each challenge and as the Irish weather can be harsh it is important that all equipment will stand the challenging climate. All our fitness equipment is built with robust, hardwearing materials that are designed to last the long haul regardless of your location.

Due to the large range of fitness equipment available it can be difficult to decide what units to pick - our office team based in Galway have years of experience in the play and fitness industry and can help you pick the best equipment for your site and budget. Contact us on 091 704 844 or [email protected] for more information and advice.

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