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Fitness Playgrounds

Outdoor fitness equipment for playgrounds

A commercial fitness playground comprises outdoor exercise equipment that is perfect for school yards. An outdoor fitness area creates a space for children to be active and increase their physical activity which has a positive affect on their physical and mental health.

Fitness playgrounds can be used during PE classes and lunch breaks and children will learn new skills while benefiting from being outdoors and exercising with friends. As children become more sedentary it is important to create outdoor spaces that children want to use and that encourages them to be active while having fun! Fitness playground equipment consists of sit-up benches, obstacle courses, leg lifts and pull-up bars all of which are familiar to children from indoor centres and children will be comfortable using them.

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Fitness Playgrounds

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Benefits of an outdoor Fitness Playground

It is important to encourage children to develop a healthy exercise routine from an early age and our fitness playgrounds creates a space for children to challenge themselves and have fun! Children need physical activity to build muscle strength, co-ordination and balance and outdoor fitness equipment helps develop essential motor skills that promote strength and agility. As children grow it is important to encourage outdoor play and exercise so spaces need to be attractive, challenging and social for this age group.

Outdoor Fitness Playgrounds for Schools 

As children grow physical training, strength and cardio become important but research has shown that tweens still do like to play so creating spaces that cater to all needs and ages is important - combining our fitness equipment with our play systems or Corocord Rope Climbing units is a great way to ensure all needs are met.

Adaptable Fitness and Exercise Equipment 

While fitness playgrounds are a great way to encourage movement in school yards the units are also suitable for other settings and are safe and durable for use in public areas. The colour of the steel bars can be customised to suit your area. To learn more about our range of fitness playgrounds contact our office in Galway to receive a brochure and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Fitness Playgrounds Safe?

Yes, they are. Commercial-grade fitness equipment for playgrounds complies with stringent safety standards. This range of fitness equipment is certified explicitly for playgrounds. The equipment is made of the highest quality commercial-grade materials and the equipment has a slip-resistant and comfortable grip. The fall heights are suitable for children and are installed with safety surfacing.  To learn more about the safety standards for Ireland please contact our office for more information.

2. Are Fitness Playgrounds for pre-schoolers?

We do not recommend fitness playgrounds for pre-school children - the recommended age group for fitness playgrounds is 8+.

3. Can I customise the Fitness Playground Equipment?

As the fitness range for playgrounds comprises freestanding units, you can choose elements suitable for your designated area. This range has the same flexibility in terms of colour variation as our adult fitness range and the colours of the steel bars can be customised to suit your area.

Contact our design team based in our Galway office for more information on customising our fitness equipment for playgrounds.