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Themed Play with our MOMENTS™ Castles!

With our Castles you can be a king or a queen, a damsel in distress or knight in shining armour - the possibilities are endless. In our range of nine commercial playground castles, there are opportunities for adventure and fun on every level. Role play and imaginative play is important for all age groups and children will make up their own adventures with friends!

KOMPAN’s commercial castle play structures are built to be adjusted and enlarged—the perfect way to stretch a budget whilst keeping the facility fresh. From the single tower, your playground can grow to include additional ramparts and gates. 

Explore each level, climb to the highest point and have fun with friends!

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Benefits of Castle Themed Playgrounds

Our range of castle units encourage imaginative and creative play - while children play they are developing vital skills that are beneficial as they grow. Playing on our castles can help improve communication and language skills as children create and organise games with new friends.

To get to the top of the unit children need to be active and challenge themselves which helps improve physical and upper body strength - outdoor play is a big contributor in the health of children and now as our lives have become more sedentary it is so important to encourage children to move and be outdoors - playgrounds are a great motivator for children to go outdoors and play with friends.

Our range of themed units is not limited to Castles - why not learn more about our Ships or Giants range!

How to Choose the Correct Castle

Our design team can help you make this decision - we can help you decide colours, slide materials and style. Our design team can advise on the unit that best suits your budget and site or why not visit our castles installed in Ballylongford, Kerry or Cashel, Tipperary to explore the units!

FAQ - Castles & Ships

1. Which should we choose - Castle or Ship?

Both our commercial castles and ships are packed full of play opportunities and either will encourage children to play and have fun.

Our design and sales team have many years experience in the playground industry and can help advise you on equipment and surfacing options - contact our office to arrange a free site consultation

2. How tall are the towers in a playground castle?

The standard tower in our KOMPAN’s MOMENTS Castle range is 4.70 meters tall. In our Giants series, the Palace almost doubles that to nine meters.

For more information on any of these products contact our office.

3. How to create the ultimate Playground?

Due to the selection of products we offer it is easy to provide a unique play solution for all ages - from freestanding units such as slides and springers to large themed units such as castles or ships we have a unit to suit your needs.