Commercial Play Equipment for Teens

Our GALAXY™ range is a modern twist on play equipment for older children and in particular teens.

Often this age group feel too old for playgrounds and feel there is no equipment for them - GALAXY™ proves them wrong! Our GALAXY™ range of equipment is transparent and modern making it a favourite with architects and developers throughout the world. With this futuristic design our GALAXY™ range looks different to everything else on the market for teens.

To encourage this age group to play and be active teenage playground equipment needs to be inviting and intriguing and GALAXY™ meets these requirements and provides dynamic play opportunities for teens.

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Benefits of Galaxy™ Playground Equipment for Teens 

Being in the outdoors and enjoying fresh air has many health benefits but when you are outdoors and in a playground you are also improving your physical health, making new friends and having fun!

As children grow they often spend less time outdoors and more time indoors on screens and to try change this it is important for to provide spaces that teens can enjoy and visit. Our Galaxy™ range of equipment is challenging and suitable for older children which will encourage and motivate teens to use and enjoy it - while also benefiting from being outdoors, being more active and social.

Age-Appropriate Play Equipment for Teenagers  

The futuristic look of our Galaxy™ range appeals to teens and it was the world's first solution to moving away from traditional post and platform playground towers. Teens need spaces that offers challenging play which will help them develop and creating a space for teens allows them to have fun and meet friends while being active.

Our Galaxy™ range can be combined with our BLOQX climbing units or GIANT Towers to create teen friendly spaces

How to Choose the Right Playground Equipment for Teens

With such choice available it can be hard to know what units to pick - you need to consider your budget, site area and age group before making any decisions.

Our design team can help with providing plans and images of our units to help you decide what units best suit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to make changes to the units in this range?

Some changes are possible and this range of equipment is flexible in its configuration and some colour changes are possible. Our sales or design team can advise on what is possible and can be contacted in our Galway office.

2. Are they inclusive?

Yes, inclusivity is at the core of what we do so naturally, these playground systems also come with inclusive options. There is no denying that the structure is aimed at adventurous tweens and teens who are drawn to climbing its ridges and slopes, but the underside is designed to include wheelchair users in the play.

3. Will doesn't the Galaxy structure rust?

The secret lies in top quality steel that is hot dip galvanised and then given a powdered coating (if coloured)

4. Are they safe?

Yes! All KOMPAN inspirational playground equipment is safe and certifiable. Every part of the design, engineering, production and construction process is geared to ingrain safety into the final products that are certifiable by TÜV and certs are available for all our products.

5. Are they effective in physically stimulating children?

Yes, children love to climb and it helps them develop and strengthen motor skills and physical strength.

6. Do teenagers actually want to use Galaxy equipment?

Yes, they do. The GALAXY™ play structures are created based on insights from our research on tweens and teenagers and this age group also tested the structures before they went in to production.

7. Are they suitable for schools?

Yes. The GALAXY™ structures are very suitable for schools and older school kids. The combination of physical and social climbing is a perfect match for schools and we recently installed a GALAXY™ KUMA unit in St John the Apostle NS, Galway.

8. How much space do they require?

It varies depending on the unit - our GALAXY™ range is extensive with lots of different shapes and sizes. Our team can help you decide on the unit that best suits your site and can provide plans and images to help you visualise the area.