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Early Climbing

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Children's Playground Climbing Equipment

Climbing is a fun and essential skill for children to master and is especially important for younger children. Our early climbing products are younger children's first step into the three-dimensional universe of rope play and our early climbing equipment range is designed mainly for children aged 3 to 6 years.

Toddler climbing equipment helps develop children's cross-coordination skills which has many benefits as they grow including helping them improve their reading ability and balance. To ensure these units are comfortable for younger children the thickness of the ropes have been adjusted to the size of their hands and the mesh size of the climbing steps is made to fit smaller steps. By doing this it encourages younger children to explore and they will be confident to try the equipment.

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Benefits of Early Climbing

A climbing playground for younger children has many benefits in helping a child to develop and learn new skills. Climbing can help develop physical strength, focus, concentration and gross motor skills all of which benefit children as they grow.

As children climb they improve their problem solving skills and confidence and can help improve their language and communication skills. We have an extensive range of climbing equipment to suit all sites and budgets.

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