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Commercial Climbing Nets for Playgrounds

Net climbing equipment encourages movement and activity and our Monkey Trails range has a wide selection of net activities to suit any site and budget.

Both boys and girls will be eager to try our Monkey Trails and with the range of products available children will have to use all their strength to climb to the top while some of the nets offer places for relaxing and hanging out. Climbing nets help children to develop their balance, co-ordination and muscle strength all of which help children's development and growth. While climbing children are also improving their problem solving skills as they try to figure out their route to the top or bottom of the trail!

Made from durable, resistant, high quality rope our Monkey Trails offer lots of fun and challenging climbing for all ages.

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Benefits of Playground Climbing Nets

Children need to be stimulated to help their brains develop and climbing is a great activity to help with this - our range of rope climbing structures include climbing domes and bridges and with such an extensive range we have a rope net unit to fit all budgets and sites.

The benefits of climbing include -

  • Increased physical activity

  • Helps children to problem solve

  • Social benefits

  • Helps language and communication skills

How to Choose the Right Climbing Net Playground

If you are thinking of a playground climbing net for your area here are some things to consider -

  • Who will use the area - make sure your unit fits the age range

  • Surrounding area - the unit should suit the surrounding area so it is possible to change the rope colour

  • Budget - with such a wide selection available it can be hard to pick but remember safety surfacing is needed under the climbing nets so this has to be included in your budget

Our design team have years of experience in playground design and will be happy to help advise on what unit best suits your area - contact our Galway office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe are the climbing nets?

At KOMPAN, our priority is safety first and foremost - all our products comply with the relevant safety standards for playground equipment. To learn more about Irish standards please contact our office on 091 704 844

2. What materials are used for the rope?

Ropes are made of UV-stabilized PES rope strands with inner steel cable reinforcement. The polyester wrapping is inductively melted onto each strand to obtain excellent wear and tear resistance. Our rope and nets hold a 10-year warranty.

3. How durable are they?

All our playground equipment is engineered to last and made from high-quality materials making them durable and long lasting. To learn more about our warranty or materials used contact our Galway team for more information.

4. How much space do they need?

Rope climbing structures come in lots of different shapes and sizes so we can find a unit that suits your site and budget. Contact our design team on 091 704 844 to find out more.