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A playground climbing dome is a challenging climb for children aged 5-12 years - with net layers connected between steel arches these units provide a unique climbing experience for children.

Why choose dome playground equipment? 

A Corocord™ climbing dome structure provides a great space for lots of children to play together and are available in a very compact form with only one arch or as more extensive installations with more arches - this means that they are suitable for lots of different sites and budgets. As well as providing a challenging and physical climb for 5-12 year old's they offer a great social space for this age group.

You can choose a dome climber with sensory play elements, climbing panels or other play components to suit your needs - our design team can advise on what is possible and provide pricing and plans to help you decide.

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Where can Dome Climbing Playgrounds be installed?

Climbing activities are suitable for all outdoor areas and our dome climbing units can be installed in community parks, schools or leisure facilities. With different sizes available the footprint of these units varies and ensures they are suitable for a variety of sites. Climbing domes are often the centre piece of the play area and other freestanding play equipment can be installed close by.

How to Choose the Right Playground Climbing Dome 

Climbing domes attract children's attention - they love the shape and the challenging climb. To ensure your play area has equipment to suit your users it is important to consider budget, size of your play area, age range and play capacity. Choosing equipment can be difficult due to the range of products available but our design and sales team can help provide solutions and pricing for your area.

What is the Cost?

Commercial play equipment can be expensive so when making such a large investment it is important to ensure the materials used are of the highest quality to be able to withstand the Irish weather and also that the units are certified to be installed in Ireland.

Pricing for domes varies and our design team can provide detailed plans of your site to help you decide what unit best suits your requirements.

If domes do not suit your site and budget we have lots of other rope play units to choose from including our Frame Nets and Play Bridges.

Safety & Certification

Safety is always top priority at KOMPAN - commercial use play equipment must comply with strict safety regulations and guidelines. All our equipment is certified to EN standards and certifications can be provided for all our units. Call our Galway office or email [email protected] to learn more about the standards and safety requirements.

For all abilities and ages  

At KOMPAN, we believe all children have the right to play regardless of their abilities. Our playground climbing domes cater to many abilities and ages.

All children deserve to play, so tailoring your playground with playground equipment to a broad audience is recommended to promote equity in the playground. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of equipment are available?

At KOMPAN, our playground equipment range comprises of four main categories: Nature Play, Freestanding Playground Equipment, our climbing structures COROCORD™ and preconfigured play systems. We also provide a range of outdoor fitness solutions and Multi Use Games Areas.

2. What equipment is needed for a playground?

There is lots to consider when deciding equipment including budget, materials, size of the area and age groups. At KOMPAN Ireland we offer a free site consultation and quote service to help you chose the equipment that best suits your needs.

3. What is the safest play equipment?

All our equipment complies with EN1176 standards and certification can be provided for all units. Ensuring the correct safety surfacing is also installed will ensure you are complying with all safety requirements.

4. What is the difference between commercial and residential play equipment?

Commercial playground equipment is generally more complex with a wider range of products available - it is designed to last and to accommodate many children at the same time and high quality materials are used in production.

Units designed for residential use are generally smaller and suit a small number of users at one time.

5. Why are commercial playgrounds so expensive?

Commercial playground equipment is designed to withstand heavy use and is built using high quality durable materials to ensure it is long lasting. These materials come at a higher cost than equipment for residential use.

6. What is the life expectancy of commercial play equipment?

All playgrounds face the trials of weather, high usage and abuse and will eventually need repairs or replacement. To postpone that day choose play equipment that uses that highest quality materials and provides a comprehensive warranty.

7. What equipment is not recommended for public playgrounds?

All types of playground equipment from KOMPAN are suitable for public use play areas.