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Invitation to three-dimensional and sky-high play activities

A Spacenet™ is a three dimensional climbing experience that encourages movement and opens up opportunities for play and social interaction.

Play activities include swinging, climbing, sliding, jumping, bouncing and balancing all of which can be enjoyed with friends. Climbing on a Corocord™ Spacenet™ can help children develop physical skills in a safe environment. Our rope play units come in different shapes and sizes to suit all sites and budgets.

Berlin architect Conrad Roland invented and developed the Spacenet™ in 1971 and today these units are centre pieces in playgrounds throughout the world. Children will be eager to climb to the top and will feel a real sense of achievement when they reach the top and if the climb is tough and challenging children will be keen to reach the top on their next visit.

Our climbing ropes are strong and sturdy which makes them durable for all locations and can be enjoyed by all ages for years to come.

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Benefits of Pyramid Rope Climbers

Climbing has many benefits for children of all ages and providing climbing units in a play area will provide hours of fun for all ages. Our Spacenets™ are designed to support the development of agility, balance and co-ordination as well as spatial awareness when bouncing, climbing and sitting in the nets. These motor skills are essential for helping navigate the world safely. Each net is carefully designed to suit the size of the users and to maximise play value.

Target Users

When planning your play area it is important to consider tween girls as research has found climbing activities encourage tween girls to be active. Tween girls develop social skills while climbing on our rope play units and will improve and develop their physical strength. Other units which encourage tween girls to move and continue to play and be active as they grow include our Galaxy range and GIANTS range.

How to choose a Spacenet™

We have a wide range of Spacenets™ and it can be difficult to decide what unit is best for your site and target users. Our sales and design team have many years experience in the play industry and we can help you decide what units best fits your site and budget. We will provide plans and product specifications to help you understand our proposal. The best way to experience our rope units is to climb them - visit our playgrounds in Ballylanders, Limerick, Geashill Playground, Offaly or Thurles Town Park, Tipperary to fully experience the scale and size of the units.

To learn more about our rope net units contact our Galway office on [email protected] or 091 704 844.