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Modernism, Geometry and Functionality

When rope play pioneer Conrad Roland was putting together his first play structures in 1971, he strived for a clear geometry. As an architect and collaborator of Mies van der Rohe, he was dedicated to modernism and functionality. Corocord Frame Nets still bear this spirit and adds timeless design to any playground. Just like the Spacenets, and the rope suspension bridge, these structures unfold a three-dimensional rope environment, in which a child can move freely in all directions. Furthermore, its compact design is an advantage under limited site conditions.

All kids want is fun and games, so geometric climbing frames are ideal for developing motor skills during physical play times. They are also a great way to embark on a group adventure with friends and siblings, and learn all-important life skills such as turn-taking and helping their peers.

The benefits of climbing frame nets

There are many benefits to installing a KOMPAN frame net in your playground. Here are the main things to know:

  • Improve dexterity. Encouraging children to use hand, eye, and leg coordination to complete their climbing mission.

  • Boost confidence. Children may start off on the lower parts of the frame net, but soon they will be challenging themselves as well as their friends to reach higher!

  • Help to develop strength. It's no secret that climbing takes strength, and the more children do, the better their muscle memory will become, allowing them to be stronger and climb for longer.

  • Encourage problem-solving. Children of different heights will have to find different paths to the same location, encouraging them to think outside the box.

  • Strengthen social skills. Climbing frame nets are fun for all, especially those that encourage each other to do well, strengthening friendship bonds and creating new ones.

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The three distinct geometric climbing frame net designs contain up to 15 rope cells. With a regular rope segment length of 33 cm, the structures are optimised for kids from 3-8 years. As a special benefit, the Frame Cuboctahedron has a wide roof zone where children can get together, talk, relax and observe.

The geometric park climbing frame adds extra fun, exercise, and imaginative possibilities to your play area, and for much smaller areas which are limited on space, a geodesic climbing dome on its own will provide a useful outlet for all that energy that children seem to have so much of! 

Inclusive climbing frame nets 

Children with disabilities are also included in the play as they can get up close to the frame net structure in their wheelchairs and play with the ground level activities with their more able bodied friends. Many of our frame nets have a lower area as well as higher areas, take the spider web climbing frame and rope play towers for example; low enough to the ground for those less able to get involved, yet high enough to allow others to explore even further.

Peace of mind

When your childrens' safety is at stake, you don't play around, KOMPAN frame nets are suitable for outdoor use for a range of ages and abilities, it gives your youngsters countless hours of active fun, healthy exercise, and improves their social skills.

Best of all, every KOMPAN climbing frame net is strong and secure, and meets the required standards, so you can let your children play to their hearts' content, knowing they're safe.