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What are BLOQX™?

BLOQXis a unique climbing experience that requires climbers to move around and over the unit - a challenging climb for older children.

Try different routes, try not to touch the ground and try reach a point in the fastest time - children will create their own games on BLOQX™ units and it is a great unit to get older children to move and to be active.

BLOQX™ is a unique playground unit as there are no slides, nothing spins, no swings just climbing grips and the challenge to make your way round the complete unit. Older children will love this unit as it provides a physical challenge and sparks creative and logical thinking to find new ways around the unit. As children climb they are improving their physical development and muscle strength while also having fun with friends!

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What are the benefits of BLOQX™? 

BLOQX™ is like no other playground equipment - it combines climbing with logical thinking to create an appealing unit for older children. Create games with friends and challenge yourself to create new routes to complete the climb! The varied grip and panel positions help to develop muscle strength, motor skills and spatial awareness. It is a great place to meet friends and new friendships are created as you try to complete the climb.

Climbing is an important activity for older children and it is important to provide spaces that are safe and challenging and BLOQX™ provide a space where teens can meet and hang out while also helping to improve their strength and logical thinking. To fully understand the scale and complexity of BLOQX™ it can be helpful to try out the units - some local sites include Corofin Playground, Galway, Cashel Playground, Tipperary or Strandhill Playground, Sligo.

Other equipment that older children will love include units from our Galaxy range or fitness playgrounds.

Customisable Climbers 

BLOQX™ is a great playground system that differs from other playground equipment and some changes can be made to the colours used and the layout of the units. BLOQX™ play systems are also available in a more sustainably conscious version - learn more about our commitment to a more sustainable environment.

Our design team have many years experience in the playground industry and can help you decide the best units for your area. Contact our office based in Galway to speak to our design team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can BLOQX™ be incorporated into any playground?

Yes, BLOQX™ can be incorporated in to any playground and our design team can help advise you on what unit will suit your budget and site. All our equipment is certified to EN standards and certificates can be provided for all units.

2. How do you decide the layout?

Once you have your site measurements we can help you decide the location and number of cubes that will best suit your needs and budget.

3. How high can BLOQX™ go?

It can go up to three meters - we can provide plans and product sheets showing the different variations available.