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Simple design packed with play value

SIMPLY Play covers basic individual structures and larger play structures. KOMPAN’s extensive knowledge within play is used to make SIMPLY Play a flexible and solid choice. The products are suitable for younger and older children. Simply Play Towers can be customised to match your specific needs. Choose the structure you like and start customising! You can choose from the material, play activities, roofs etc.

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With our Simply Play range the support posts are made of wood and the main parts for the slides, sides and roofs is polyethylene terephthalate which is the same material that is used in water bottles and is highly recyclable. By using PET we have options to use different colours.

Are the parts used recyclable?

At KOMPAN we are very aware of the environment and our affect on the world around us - for this reason we have an environmental policy for our production department and being recyclable is a very long-term consideration when installing a KOMPAN playground. Our HPL and impregnated timber post are not recyclable.

Can changes be made to the existing units?

Some changes are possible to the units and some colours can be changed - our design team will be able to help you with this.

What price are the units?

Prices vary depending on each unit - contact our office for a full price list and for more information on all of our products.


Are the components for the Simply Play recyclable?

Yes, as with all KOMPAN features they are the result of environmental programme with a target of zero emissions in both production and what is produced. Being recyclable is a very long-term consideration when installing a KOMPAN playground, with durable components and many life-time guarantees. Note. The HPL and impregnated timer post are not recyclable.

Can we order different colours?

Yes. There are various colour options. Colours are an identifiable sign of a different versions within the Play Towers range. Visit to explore the options.