Bouncing Equipment

KOMPAN Jumpers - Bouncing fun for all!

Jumpers are bouncing play units that encourage children to be active and have fun!

Children love the sensation of jumping up and down and it will help train all their muscle groups and improve their bone density as well as improving their balance and co-ordination which is vital in young children.

Our playground jumpers come in different shapes and sizes making them suitable for a variety of sites - our units can be combined to create a jumping zone which is great fun for children!

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Benefits of Bouncing Equipment 

Bouncing playground equipment can be a great way to link playground equipment and add lots of fun to a play area. Bouncing is a great way to improve motor skills such as rhythm, balance and co-ordination.

Playground jumpers can also add fun and variety to a fitness workout or for circuit training and can be enjoyed with friends or alone. Choose between square or circular jumpers and get children active in the outdoors. Getting children outdoors and active is so important for their health and development and finding activities they enjoy is so important - jumping and bouncing is a firm favourite with all ages!

To learn more about our range of playground jumpers or to receive a quote please contact our office or email [email protected]


1. How many children can play together?

Generally playground bouncing equipment is used by one person but children can create games and take turns on them.

2. Are the Jumpers wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there is a small ramp available for one of the jumpers allowing for access and exit to the unit.

3. Can they be integrated in EPDM surfacing design?

The Jumpers can be ordered without edge tiles for in-situ EPDM surfacing - contact our design team in our Galway office for more information.