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Young children are curious and love to explore and we have developed a range of equipment that will ensure children have plenty to explore!

By using themes children recognise and feel comfortable with children will happily play and explore these units which are age appropriate in size and are full of play features. The units are open on both sides with lots of features for role-play and imagination. These units are not installed in the ground and are easily movable for use indoors or outdoors.

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With so many play opportunities children will be moving and improving their co-ordination and balance - each unit is full of interesting windows, colours, doors and wheels. Children will happily use their imagination to create new games and will work together to use each unit.

By using bright colours and interesting shapes toddlers get their first introduction in to the world of play and by using themes instantly recognisable such as houses and gardens younger children will be comfortable using these units.

Before launching any unit extensive research is carried out by our Play Institute and we aim to launch equipment that helps children learn, develop and have fun - our range of toddler units tick all these boxes.