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What are Playground Slides?

Commercial playground slides are always a popular choice amongst children of all ages. When visiting a playground, the slide is often the activity they run to first and demand a final ride before leaving – 'just one more time, please!" A commercial slide is available in three versions: a freestanding slide, a slide attached to a playground structure or an embankment slide.

Public slides require stringent safety standards and certifications compliant with national legislation and all KOMPAN playground slides are made using the highest quality materials to ensure the safety of the children using them.

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Our range of commercial playground slides come in a variety of materials, sizes and themes. Adding a slide to your play area can help children to improve their balance and co-ordination and also learn about taking turns.

When choosing a slide for your play area it is important to consider the material, age of user groups and budget - our experienced design team can help advise you on the right solution to enhance your play area.

Slides are a classic piece of playground equipment and come in different heights and lengths making them a great addition to any play area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I replace the slides on an existing playground?

It is possible to replace existing freestanding playground equipment, such as a slide, within an existing play area. Our team can help advise what alternative units can fit in the available space.

2. Can the slides be customised?

Yes. Our slide assortment offers flexibility and many options for customisation. Side panels, colours, materials and the chute's shape, width and length are customisable. To find out more contact our office to discuss your options.

3. How much space do I need for commercial playground slides?

Public playgrounds must comply with local safety standards and playground designs should ensure all safety zones and fall heights are met.

To learn more about the space required for our range of slides please contact our office.

4. What are the safety considerations when installing slides?

All commercial freestanding playground equipment must be installed according to strict safety regulations and all safety zones must be complied with. For more information on how to install slides and comply with safety regulations contact our office.

5. Do I need to install the slides myself?

You don't have to install the slides yourself; at KOMPAN Ireland, we offer installation services to take the burden off your shoulders. Please contact our office to discuss our installation services and get a free quote.