Sand & Water Play

preschoolers playing with sand and water playground equipment in a kindergarten

What is sand and water play?

Sand and water play units provide a truly imaginative playground experience for young children that help develop multiple skills at once - all while playing and having fun! Children love the feeling of sand running through their fingers and it provides a sensory experience for them in the playground.

Our sand and water stations encourage children to engage and play together and while doing this they are learning to take turns, create games, share ideas and improve their social skills. Even if alone sand and water play is great fun!

We offer a wide range of products to suit all sites and budgets - contact our Galway office to find out more.

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    Sand & Water Play

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    Benefits of Sand & Water Play

    Playing with sand and water can improve children's creative and imaginative development - the manipulation of the elements teaches children cause and effect while constructing objects with sand gives children a sense of success and accomplishment. Sand and water play units can encourage children to play together and create games which helps improve their social and communication skills.

    Sensory play equipment within a play area can often provide a quite area for all children to enjoy and a sand and water area can be enhanced with play panels or other toddler units.

    Colours and Materials

    Our sand and water play range comes in bright and warm colours which draw children in and are a great way to entertain children for long periods and are great for childcare settings. If you would prefer a more natural look to your play area we have a wide range of options within our Robinia range of equipment

    Cost of Sand and Water Play

    Pricing varies depending on the preferred unit - our sales and design team can help with quotes and pricing. We can provide product sheets and plans to help you decide on the best option for your play area. Contact us in Galway on 091 704 844 or [email protected]