Two-mast Spacenet L

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This enormous classic vertical climber invites for hours of bouncy, fun climbing and play for huge groups of children.

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Quality that lasts

Ropes of UV-stabilized PES rope strands with inner steel cable reinforcement. The polyester yarn is made from +95% post-consumer materials and is inductively melted onto each strand. The ropes are highly wear-and vandalism-resistant and can be replaced at site if needed.

Corocord 'S' clamps are used as universal connections in Corocord products. 8mm stainless steel rods with rounded edges are pressed around the ropes with a special hydraulic press, making them the ideal connector: safe, durable and vandalism-proof, all while allowing the typical movement of rope play structures.

The spacenets' main bearing ropes are equipped with an additional safety feature: should the main connections fail, the safety rope prevents collapse of the structure.

Corocord membranes consist of friction-proof rubberized material of conveyor belt quality with excellent UV resistance. Tested and compliant with REACH requirements for PAH. Embedded is a four-layered armouring made of woven polyester. The armouring and the two surface layers result in a total thickness of 7.5 mm.

In the centre of the net is the mast, made of high quality seamless steel. The structure of the mast as an oscillating support is statically favourable and equalizes the oscillations in the net. The masts are hot dip galvanised as standard, with the design option of additional powder coating.

For installations using rubber surfacing the turnbuckle protectors are to be ordered separately.

5+ Years75 Users


2304 cm


1454 cm


751 cm


This enormous classic vertical climber invites for hours of bouncy, fun climbing and play for huge groups of children.

This product, Two-mast Spacenet L (COR31322), is provided by KOMPAN United Kingdom.

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