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Nature Play and Natural Playgrounds

What is nature play?

Nature play is play that happens amongst nature. Nature play typically involves exploring natural elements - such as plants, trees, water, earth, sand, and stones. Most often, nature play happens outdoors, where children can truly experience a natural environment. From feeling the breeze and breathing fresh air, to observing the changes in weather and seasons. Nature play excites all of the senses with sights, sounds, textures, scents, and tastes. It also challenges the body to navigate the various terrains of outdoor spaces. 

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Nature play and natural playgrounds

Benefits of natural playgrounds

Benefits of natural playgrounds

  1. They help children to get acquainted with the local ecosystem

  2. They help children to appreciate and care for the natural world

  3. They help to reduce stress

  4. They help to focus attention

  5. They support active body movements in ways that aren't possible indoors

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