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Families Love Thrilling and Sensory Playgrounds

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What does it take to create popular playgrounds?

Promoting physical activity among children is a key concern, and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends play as an effective means to achieve this goal. One way for children to reach the recommended level of physical activity is to stay longer at the playground. So, how do we achieve that?

The KOMPAN Play Institute conducted a study on the retention rate of Veteran's Park Playground in Philadelphia over a period of 7 days. The study found that after the playground was refurbished, there was a remarkable 90% increase in park usage. Parents and children attributed this surge in attendance to the variety of sensory and thrilling play activities available, which catered to a wide age range.

White paper

Families Love Thrilling and Sensory Playgrounds

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5 design tips

5 community playground design tips

  1. Providing active and thrilling physical play activities (the feeling of speed, height, challenge and rough and tumble play)

  2. Provide play activities that engage the senses (touch, sight and sound)

  3. Make sure that activities are varied in their play functionality (gliding, climbing, spinning, swinging, rocking and sliding).

  4. Provide spaces for children and adults to socialise (high capacity play pieces with social points, as well as seating)

  5. Create a safe and inclusive environment for all ages and all abilities

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