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Swashbucklers and buccaneers take notice!

When children first start to draw, they often begin with simple things like houses or trees, but eventually, they move on to drawing ships. Ships represent adventure, storytelling, and imaginative play through the eyes of a child.

Our ship playground equipment comes in two different fleets: the Robinia Ships, which feature unique play structures made from natural wood, and a selection of ship playground equipment specifically designed for younger children with clean, modern lines. From the compact Caravelle to the sizeable Intrepid, children can climb aboard and embark on a piratical adventure, using teamwork and communication while building their muscles and bones. Whether it's a boat themed playground or pirate ship park, our ship playground sets offer playful journeys full of high-seas adventure, whether you're on the ocean or just off the High Street.

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The Benefits of Pirate Ship Playgrounds 

Playground equipment designed as a commercial pirate ship can be customized to fit the location and its surroundings. By positioning the more active side towards the sun or pointing the ship towards a visually appealing direction, its attraction can be increased. Themed play encourages language and communication skills, teamwork, and creative thinking.

Children learn the importance of working together to achieve a common goal while having fun. A playground with a wrecked ship is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and develop skills that will benefit them in their future endeavours. If you are on the hunt for other themed play systems, check out our castle playground sets, GIANT play towers or fairy tale playground.

The Power of Outdoor Playgrounds 

Engaging in outdoor activities is one of the most beneficial and valuable forms of developmental exercise. The events of the past year have highlighted the significance of outdoor play. The global lockdown has made us realize the importance of enjoying life and the role of fresh air in maintaining essential health. As a result, the value of playgrounds has become more evident than ever before. 

To find out more about any of KOMPAN’s products or services, to open the door to the outside, get in touch today. 

FAQ about our playground ships

Do people only place Ship playgrounds in coastal locations?

Absolutely not. The thrill of a pirate adventure is not limited to the coast. It's similar to assuming that a space-themed park can only be successful if located next to a launch site.

Are the ship designs available in the brochure the only ones?

No. The ships are in component parts so can be adapted by colour, length and play features. KOMPAN has built its reputation on listening to clients and observing how children best like to play.

If we wanted a ship, how long would it take KOMPAN to launch it?

Shipment from factory is within 20 working days. After local installation, your playground is ready…