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BLOQX™ scalable play system

BLOQX™ is like no other playground element. It combines the test of a moving round and over a geometrical puzzle, with a challenging climb.

The reward for getting the ascent right is reflective time inside one of the elevated cubes. Perhaps more than any other single product, BLOQX™ displays the link between play and art. BLOQX™ is a favoured part of many architectural and landscape projects. 

The BLOQX™ system challenges typical playground features with no slides or spinning elements. Instead, it offers a metal maze for children who are often difficult to engage, such as tweens and teens. This system promotes physical development and muscle strength while encouraging creative and logical thinking to navigate the structure.

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    Unique playground climbing walls

    What are the benefits of BLOQX™? 

    BLOQX™ differs from other playgrounds in its colourisation – the pentagon shapes are in a single colour, but like a paint chart, the sides can be toned versions of the dominant colour.

    BLOQX™ is a fun and challenging game that combines moving around and solving geometric puzzles with climbing. If you get the climb right, you'll be rewarded with reflective time on top of one of the elevated cubes. You can create new climbing routes and methods with friends or on your own, which makes for hours of thrilling play. The varied grip and panel positions also help to develop muscle strength and motor skills, including cross-body coordination, proprioception, and spatial awareness. This positively impacts concentration and social-emotional skills, such as consideration for others when climbing and meeting on the BLOQX™.

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    Why is Climbing important? 

    Studies indicate that there is a high demand for challenging climbing equipment among tweens and teenagers. The BLOQX™ play system is an ideal rock climbing structure for older school kids as it fosters a social climbing experience. Once you've completed a challenging climb, the top of a cube makes for a great spot to relax before heading back to class. Climbing has been shown to improve cognitive development in children and boost working memory, which can improve their ability to retain information learned in class.

    Other great play systems for older school kids are large preconfigured playground units such as GIANTS and the robe climbing playground structure GALAXY™, or the fitness playgrounds.

    playground boulders that can be scaled and customised.

    BLOQX™ is a unique playground system that stands out due to its colour scheme. The pentagon shapes feature a single colour, but the sides can have shades of the dominant colour, similar to a paint chart. This allows for a variety of customizable options and combinations that can create different looks and atmospheres. Additionally, BLOQX™ offers a sustainable version of their play system.

    The BLOQX™ playground boulders are a popular choice among architects seeking modern urban solutions due to their unique sculptural design.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can BLOQX™ be incorporated into any playground?

    Yes, but in honesty, it is so distinct that, like a jewel, needs to be in a proper setting.

    How do you ever decide on the format?

    You decide on the location and number of cubes and the Design team calculates how the BLOQX™ will best combine to be most effective.

    How high can BLOQX™ go?

    It can go up to three meters. Who are good playmates to BLOQX™? BLOQX™ works fantastic nest to transparent products like GALAXY™.