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Wooden castle playground sets - Robinia castles by KOMPAN

Knights of play, days of fun with wooden castle playgrounds

Our Robinia wooden castle playgrounds are expertly crafted and boast a wonderfully unique design that exudes personality. As part of our nature-themed playground sets, these castle playgrounds can be customized to suit your exact needs - whether you prefer a small, medium, or large version or an impressive 34-foot-tall castle. Each Robinia wooden castle playground is a haven for imaginative play, where young princes and princesses can explore every nook and cranny, battle dragons, and rescue damsels in distress. Playing in a make-believe world alongside friends helps develop social and cognitive abilities, as well as enabling kids to hone their creative skills. A wooden playground castle is like stepping into a real-life fairytale, where the fun is limitless. With its ample size, a Robinia wooden castle can accommodate numerous children of different ages, ensuring hours of imaginative playtime. If a metal castle playground is more your style, check out our Moment Castles series.

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    KOMPAN's wooden playground castles are amongst the most intricate structures requiring nearly 70 hours for installation of the smallest model and an additional 100 hours for the XL one. However, once installed and maintained properly, they can last a lifetime. Made from Robinia wood, a hardwood renowned for its durability, the structures develop character over time due to the natural changes that occur as the wood dries out or is exposed British weather. Any safety concerns can be easily addressed with remedial measures. The Robinia tree is a magnificent creation of nature, possessing numerous benefits at every level. It thrives in poor soils, enriches the earth with nitrogen, produces Acadia honey, and purifies the air through its leaves. The tree is also ideal for urban areas and regenerates quickly when cut as timber, making it highly sustainable. The wood is strong, fine-grained, and perfect for play features. Additionally, each piece of Robinia wood is unique, which adds a touch of individuality to every wooden castle.

    How do we get started?

    Finding the right products from the extensive range is the starting point. We encourage you to click and to be inspired by the amazing castle playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our very competent and experienced support team can then help you translate your wish list into your unique outdoor solution. Feel free to contact us and ask all your questions or to receive a quote.

    What’s the target age group for the castles?

    The wooden castle playground equipment is for six year olds and upwards. We’ve noticed at KOMPAN that with the popularity of animation cartoons, children reluctantly say goodbye to castle play only when their growing bodies make movements inside awkward.

    What sizes, materials, and colors of are available for the wooden castle playgrounds?

    The sizes of our wooden castle playgrounds range from small to large, where the smallest products have dimensions from a couple of meters each to the largest products Similarly, we offer various products that allow you to plan for a specific play capacity, where our smallest castle playgrounds can host 6 children while the largest ones can be used by as many as 64 children playing simultaneously. All of our wooden castle playground equipment is fully customizable to your preferences and can be installed as standalone playgrounds or as part of a larger setting.

    Is using Robinia wood environmentally friendly?

    Yes. We source our Robinia from the sustainable forests of Europe. Robinia is a particularly eco-friendly tree. A deciduous hardwood it grows in poor soil and as it does it puts nitrogen back into the earth, can control erosion, is the source of acacia honey, is a good firewood, is pollution tolerant, so good in urban areas, and when cut grows back quickly from its stump. How friendly is that?

    Can the wooden playground castles be designed in more accessible versions?

    KOMPAN offers a ramp system that can be tailored to solve any request. Ramps provide access to elevated activities for children of all abilities and further it provides an enlarged number of ground level accessible play activities.