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Children learn through play

Playing on their own and with friends is a key part of a child’s development. At KOMPAN, helping kids to gain educational benefits from the playground is something we’re passionate about. The Robinia Play, Act, & Learn series is our new approach to sensory, ground-based play for children. We aim to add new play and learning dimensions to nature playgrounds.

Our Robinia play equipment acts as the ultimate play starter for young children. The exciting equipment encourages learning through playing. This is by creating a sensory and imaginative world of play. With activities that help with children’s cognitive, creative, and social skills.

Our range allows many kids to safely enjoy the play area and equipment at once. This includes the inspiring Robinia musical panels, such as the xylophone and percussion panels. The drums and music panels allow children to develop creative skills while interacting with other kids. Young children love to explore the sounds and rhythms they can invent with our play equipment.

As well as music, young children love our chalkboards. This allows them to draw and express their imaginations. The freedom to draw also helps to improve children’s fine motor skills. The chalkboard will allow young children to improve their writing, from learning letters to words and sentences.

One of the most effective ways kids learn through play is by performing. This can be with music or acting. Our Robinia play, act, & learn range includes a large stage all young children will love to explore. The stage encourages role-play and truly helps children release their imagination.

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