Inclusive Inspections: Comprehensive Design, Engagement, Accessibility, and Diversity Considerations

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Is your playground inclusive? Enabling access to all, regardless of their disabilities?

Our playground specialists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your playground equipment identifying the restrictions it poses in becoming an all inclusive playground. Our specialists will help you transform your playground and all its play equipment into an inclusive and accessible play space, making your playground truly inclusive for everyone regardless of any mental or physical challenges.

It may only take a few small tweaks! With small adjustments you can make your playground more inclusive for all to enjoy. No matter if your playground is a KOMPAN playground or not, we're able to assist you in making it more inclusive.

What will you get?

  • Free comprehensive consultation and assessment of your outdoor playground. Conducted by a playground specialist.

  • Design suggestions, insights, and techniques on how to further enhance your playground inclusivity.

  • Free inclusive playground design checklist

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What the consultation will entail

What the consultation will entail

Playground Accessibility Assessment

Our certified inspectors will evaluate all of the accessibility features that make up the play area, identifying any obstacles that may prevent children and parents with any disabilities from fully participating in play. This encompasses assessing pathways, ramps, entrances, and equipment.

What the consultation will entail

Recommendations for Inclusive Design

After reviewing the assessment observations, we will provide you with a personalised list of recommendations for improving inclusivity within the playground environment. This may involve recommending the addition of inclusive play equipment, sensory elements, or alterations to existing park structures.

What the consultation will entail

Community Engagement

Our assessment service fosters collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders, including caregivers, educators, and advocacy groups, to ensure that the playground design meets the diverse needs and preferences of the entire community.

What the consultation will entail

Advocacy of Equity and Diversity

By prioritising inclusivity, customers showcase their dedication to encouraging equity and diversity in public spaces as well as underscore the importance of social integration and understanding among children. Inclusive playgrounds not only benefit children and parents with disabilities but also serve as a platform for nurturing empathy, acceptance, and friendship among all children. Click here, to find out what inclusive playgrounds mean to a Paralympic gold medalist winner.

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Why play is for all

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Inclusive Playground Examples

Get the full story and find inspiration from the inclusive parks below.
large playground climbing dome at a school playground

Acorn Park SEN School

Acorn Park School is part of the Outcomes First Group, which runs around 40 Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools, colleges and homes for municipalities across the UK. Acorn Park School is for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to an extent that makes it too demanding for them to join their local school.

A boy an girl playing on a playground carousel

Buccaneer Bay, Central Park

Central Park in Dartford lives up to the city’s mission of having an offering that appeals to all children, including children with various disabilities. Jeremy Kite, MBE, Dartford Borough Council’s leader, says: “Our playground in Central Park was worn down. The aim was to establish a new play environment with a distinctive, immersive playground that would benefit the borough’s children for years to come.“

Timmeler Meer Recreation Centre

Stück zum Glück: One of 50 inclusive playgrounds in Germany, by Aktion Mensch, Procter&Gamble and REWE.

child with walker on inclusive playground structure at filadelfia epilepsy hospital

Children's Epilepsy Hospital, Denmark

The Epilepsy Hospital, Filadelfia is one of a kind in Denmark. The hospital is one of the best in the country and specializes in treating and diagnosing children with epilepsy and associated conditions.

The impressive new play area holds more than 120 inclusive play activities, carefully selected to offer play for children of all abilities.