FunPoint, Climber

The transparent play invitation of the FunPoint, Climber attracts children immensely. With its richly varied play activities, the FunPoint, Climber encourages children to explore and try out play activities for longer durations. The mix of inclined nets and steel bars for climbing train cross-coordination and muscles in varied way, having children use all their body when traversing through the structure. The top membrane makes for a nice destination, with its turf, the tactile sense is stimulated when hanging there. The fast egress from here is the wildly thrilling fireman’s pole. On ground level a gently swaying hammock or a xylophone music panel invite less vigorous physical action at either end of the FunPoint, Climber. The xylophone music panel is a highly sensory activity with sound and tonality. Children play from both sides of the panel and cooperate on making tunes, thus training their cooperation and turn-taking skills, which supports their social-emotional development.