Double Overhead Ladder Robinia

The overhead ladder, also known as the monkey bar, may be the most well-known of all obstacle course elements. The goal is to get to the other side without using your feet. Training upper body strength and cross-body coordination. This overhead ladder is wide and high to ensure anyone can hang and move freely. To make sure that everyone can reach the overhead ladder there are 4 stepping pods at different heights. As a stand-alone item, the Double Overhead Ladder is great to work in the group workout. It offers space for 8 people to perform pull-up exercises or to attach suspension trainers for a full-body workout. The Robinia bars are made from de-barked and sap-free Robinia trunks in various dimensions. Robinia is a native European wood species with high strength and natural durability in various climatic conditions. KOMPAN uses wood from FSC-certified sources.