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Robinia Play, Act and Learn

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Classrooms without walls, learning without boundaries

The Robinia Play, Act & Learn series is the KOMPAN approach to sensory, ground-based play for the youngest children as they move towards school. The concept takes teaching classics like the blackboard, music, theater and places them outdoors, creating a fresh-air classroom, wrapped in the welcoming tactile quality of Robinia. As a platform for pre-school development it introduces the concept of formal learning in an informal way. For the young playmates, from day one, learning is associated with fun.

Life is a series of transitions, the Robinia Play, Act & Learn, empowers children through one of the earliest, the giant step from toddler to young child. It is the ultimate play starter, taking children through a sensory and creative world of play with activities to stimulate their cognitive creative and social skills.  A child’s first experience of formal learning need not be tied to a desk.

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Wioska Robinia

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Zamki Robinia

children playing on Robinia wooden playground ships reference image

Statki Robinia

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Wspinaczka Robinia

teenagers playing on a wooden obstacle course playground reference image

Trasy wspinaczkowe Robinia

a child playing on a wooden balancing playground reference image

Balans Robinia

a child playing on robinia play systems hoops playground reference image

Systemy Zabawowe Robinia

child playing on a robinia sand and water play category reference image

Zabawa z Piaskiem i Wodą Robinia

robinia swings category reference image children playing on wooden swings

Huśtawki Robinia

children playing on robinia wooden spring rockers reference image

Sprężynowce i Huśtawki Równoważne Robinia

wooden playhouse and playhut playground many active children reference image

Robinia Chatki i Domki

child on a robinia dynamics playground spinner category reference image

Spinnery, Karuzele i Zjeżdżalnie Robinia

robinia play act and learn sensory playgrounds and panels from wood reference image

Robinia Baw Się, Graj & Ucz

children playing on a robinia themed play playground category reference image

Tematyczna Zabawa Robinia

robinia sunshades and furniture people sitting on a wooden bench category reference image

Żagle przeciwsłoneczne i akcesoria Robinia

Zjazdy Linowe Robinia

kompan robinia nature experiditon playgroind urban jungle reference image

Wyprawa przyrodnicza

Panele Zabaw Robinia

wooden owl custom playground robinia play sculptures reference image

Rzeźby Robinia

drewniane konstrukcje do zabawy z dziećmi o tematyce fantasy

Fantazja Robinia

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