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Westfield North Lake

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play tower at shopping center in Australia

Under the sea adventure

The shopping center, Westfield North Lakes has created an awesome ‘under the sea’ themed playground that is a destination in itself. The playground’s theme drew its inspiration from the ecosystem of the nearby Moreton Bay coastline. Children and parents can take a well-deserved break from shopping at the exciting playground, right next to the center’s food court. Here parents can have a cup of coffee, while their children play. Visitors stay longer when they are having a great time and the various play activities will keep the children swimming in fun for hours and leave them begging their parents to go shopping again.

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"It's like... addictive"

Playful Child

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Play for all

Young explorers can climb the majestic tower for a spectacular view of their ocean kingdom. The climb is rewarded with a stomach-tickling ride back down. Climbing in the majestic tower trains the children’s agility, balance, and coordination. The feeling of climbing up high and the transparency of the net add thrill to the play and train the children’s social-emotional skills such as self-regulation and courage. The Ocean seesaw teaches the children to cooperate, in order to find out how to make the ride a success for everyone. For the youngest, a little mermaid and ugly duckling play system will challenge their problem-solving abilities when they have to find a way up the climbing wall. The play & stay is the ultimate play system for toddlers, with a huge array of physical, social, and cognitive play activities.

Joie de bouger : motricité, densité musculaire, cardio et osseuse
Joie d'apprendre : curiosité, compréhension des relations causales et connaissance du monde
Joie d'être ensemble : travail d'équipe, tolérance et sentiment d'appartenance
Joie de créer : co-création et expérimentation de matériaux

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