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New playground is the children's favorite

When an old wooden playground was worn out, the City of Clermont needed to replace it with a new one. The City of Clermont wanted a playground that would let the natural beauty of the site shine through, so together with KOMPAN, they designed a transparent playground that would challenge the community’s children to be active. The new playground provides children with new opportunities for being active such as climbing, running, spinning, hanging, balancing and more – it’s all up to the children’s imagination. When the old playground had to be replaced, the new concept was met with skepticism, however, the new playground is now the children’s favorite park. They love the new playground, which provides them with so many challenges. They use the different challenges to compete in getting from one end to the other without touching the ground. For this reason, the locals have named the new playground Ninja Warrior.

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Every time I come here, it’s always busy - especially after school.

Ralph Biddy, Principal Sales Executive - KOMPAN

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Infinite amounts of fun

The Ninja Warrior playground is full of fun challenges for children to explore and compete on. The transparent Explorer Dome provides the children with a rich variety of climbing, crawling, and balancing activities and the transparency of the Dome stimulates the children’s spatial awareness. The Dome also teaches children important social skills such as turn-taking and empathy. The playground's spinning elements, such as the Spinner Bowls and the Spica, train children’s sense of balance. Getting a child to master the rotation element of the Spica, how to slow it down or speed it up, stimulates their cognitive skills, particularly their logical thinking. The play tower and obstacle course invite the children to try activities such as the monkey bars and climb-and-crawl, which stimulates upper body strength and cross-coordination.

Joie de bouger : motricité, densité musculaire, cardio et osseuse
Joie d'apprendre : curiosité, compréhension des relations causales et connaissance du monde
Joie d'être ensemble : travail d'équipe, tolérance et sentiment d'appartenance
Joie de créer : co-création et expérimentation de matériaux

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