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Child in kindergarten sliding down a slide on toddler equipment

A playground that prepares children for kindergarten

Two years ago, the employees at Novrupvej daycare center worked hard on the children’s physical development to prepare them for pre-school. However, when they replaced their old playground with a new one from KOMPAN, that all changed. The new playground develops the children’s physical, social and cognitive development, every day. 

Together with KOMPAN, the daycare center designed a colorful vibrant playground, with age-appropriate equipment to improve the children’s gross motor skills. Whenever the children go outside to play, they are welcomed by a symphony of happy colors and fun activities. The playground offers excellent opportunities for the children to role play, which helps them develop communication and cognitive skills. Experiencing the world through play gives the children the necessary social skills to prepare them for kindergarten. The new playground is a huge hit with children and employees and they enjoy using it every day.

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OMG! We are just so happy we did this.

Daniel Rasmussen - Leader, Novrupvej Daycare

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Focus on developing gross motor skills

The colorful playground at Novrupvej daycare WOWs both the children and employees. The play space is filled with fun and age-appropriate activities to challenge the young children to develop important physical skills. The play tower provides the children with different gross motor activities such as balancing when walking across the wobbly bridge and sliding down the slide. The spinning motions of the Spica train the children’s balance and allow them to understand their body strength when they use it to control the speed of the Spica. The service workshop and playhouse stimulate the children’s social and creative skills, at these play spaces anything is possible, and it is up to the children’s imagination and creativity to figure out which role they want to play.

Joie de bouger : motricité, densité musculaire, cardio et osseuse
Joie d'apprendre : curiosité, compréhension des relations causales et connaissance du monde
Joie d'être ensemble : travail d'équipe, tolérance et sentiment d'appartenance
Joie de créer : co-création et expérimentation de matériaux

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