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Balançoires, portiques, aires de jeux. De toutes les activités de jeux, la balançoire pour aire de jeux et la balançoire à bascule en bois font l’unanimité. Que ce soit pour s’isoler tranquillement ou s’amuser entre amis, les enfants adorent ça ! En plus d’être très amusante, la balançoire entraîne l’agilité, l’équilibre et la coordination de l’enfant ainsi que sa perception spatiale. Ces habiletés motrices sont essentielles pour l’évaluation des distances et l’orientation. Elles sont idéales pour les enfants de tous les niveaux et tous les âges, et conviennent à tous les environnements d’aires de jeux, qu’ils soient situés dans un parc, une cour de récréation, un camping ou un centre commercial.

Les balançoires à portique KOMPAN avec cadre peint par poudrage et barre supérieure galvanisée se distinguent par leur look moderne. Que ce soit pour bébés, tout-petits ou pré-adolescents, les trois différents modèles de balançoire d'extérieur KOMPAN réservent une expérience inoubliable à tous. Adultes et enfants peuvent même se côtoyer sur la nouvelle balançoire pour enfants You & Me de KOMPAN. Kompan commercialise aussi des tobbogans pour aires de jeux. 

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Customize our playground swings to accommodate YOUR needs

No two locations are the same and every playground deserves its own character. KOMPAN offers freestanding equipment come that come in many different designs and materials allowing you to build the best site for your unique community site and its playground users.

Swings come in many sizes and variations, and shapes, from the classic A-frames to contemporary swings that can carry groups of children. Three main elements determine the type of swing: the materials used for the posts, their shape/size and finally the type of seat. 

Any swing you want – we got it! 

Frames for swings

  • A-Frame: Available in 6.5 feet and 8 feet height with posts of hardwood or hot dip galvanized steel.

  • Portal frame: Vertical posts of hot dip galvanized steel or powder coated on pre-galvanized steel base. Swing frame end connectors and crossbeam of hot dip galvanized steel or powder coated on hot dip galvanized steel base.

  • Cocowave Pendulum swing: Available in multiple options: untreated Robinia wood, brown pigmented or green colored version, rope or stainless steel chain suspensions, wood inground or steel footings.

Seats for swings

Seats create the greatest opportunity for choice and individuality – as a single stand alone or in a combination that best fits your needs. We offer standard swing seats, duo swing seat, baby seats, toddler seats, You & Me seats and bird nests with a diameter of 39-47 inches. They are available with either hot dip galvanized chains or stainless steel chains, with anti-wrap suspensions as an option.

Need help finding the perfect swing?

Browse through the selection on our product site or be inspired by some of the amazing projects we have developed around the world. At KOMPAN, we are always ready to support you. If you have any questions regarding swings or any other products – you can contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding playground swings:

How much does a KOMPAN swing cost? 

The price of our swings varies according to type, size and design. At KOMPAN we always strive to provide the optimal play solution for your specific needs and customization requirements. We offer hundreds of playground swings and the prices of our swings will therefore require more information regarding your exact wishes. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for a specific swing or your specific playground. 

Are KOMPAN’s swings just made of old rubber tires, hanging in a rope? 

Definitely not. The closest you get to old tires on a KOMPAN site are the re-cycled granules safely forming the hidden base of rubbering surfacing. From a design perspective, the classic old-tire has been an inspiration for some of the many designs in a wide variety of swings.

Is there such a thing as a modern swing?

Yes. The technology of a swing is fairly basic but in recent years designers at KOMPAN have given it more than a make-over. They come in many different shapes and constructions, and are made from a range of carefully selected materials that are built to last. KOMPAN swings can be produced in infused pine wood, hardwood, Robinia wood or hot dip galvanized steel. The swing seats are made from comfortable non-slip synthetic materials with wood inserts, which are connected to the swings frame stainless steel chains. 

What are the stimulating benefits of a KOMPAN swing? 

Besides being extreme fun, swings contribute to important aspects of motor-skill development. For example when swinging, children train and improve agility, balance, coordination and spatial awareness. All necessary skills when judging distance and navigating safely in traffic. The swinging movement trains the arm, leg and core muscles, and the bone density when jumping off.

The motion of swinging requires younger children to anticipate cause and effect and managing rhythms. The height and speed of swinging trains children’s judgement of distance and heights. All these are important cognitive abilities that are crucial to develop through childhood.

Are swings just solo experiences?

Different swings provide many opportunities for social interaction among children. KOMPAN’s Bird’s Nest seat offers a spacious place for many children to stand, sit and lay, and is inclusive for all. When swinging on a Cocowave Pendulum swing children are required to cooperate and negotiate, while the open design allows for easy access. Swings are excellent facilitators of inclusive play and train important social skills.


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