Sustainability: Do you want to save CO2e?

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Webinar details


October 5, 2022

Time (CET)

6am, 10am and 7pm


45 minutes




Play, Sustainability

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Webinar description

Now, you can design playgrounds with low carbon emission – of recycled materials and of sustainable natural wood. In this 45 minutes webinar we will introduce you to KOMPAN new recycled materials for building outdoor activity areas and show you what you can do to lower carbon emission when you design outdoor areas.

Presented by

Dorthe Thorup-Kjærulff

As Director of Sustainability Projects at KOMPAN, Dorthe oversees KOMPANs sustainability strategy and is the frontrunner in leading KOMPAN towards a greener future.

KOMPAN Director of Sustainability Dorthe Thorup-Kjærulff

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