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MOMENTS™ Play Systems

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MOMENTS™ Play systems

The play structures provide endless opportunities for excitement, speed and movement for all ages. The structures also allows for a few moments rest and socialization. The KOMPAN MOMENTS™ range of play equipment is designed for both toddlers, preschool and school-age children.

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MOMENTS™ Mini Toddler & Preschool

pre-school children sliding on MOMENTS playground system in a park

Preschool Towers

children in a park playing on MOMENTS play system for school-agers

School-age Towers

Tractor themed playground structure in a park

MOMENTS™ Themed Play

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    children playing and sliding on moments playground system

    MOMENTS™ Play Systems

    Large play system in a park with multiple slides and climbing options


    school agers playing on thrilling play tower in schoolyard


    Tweens playing on GALAXY play system in a school yard.


    Teens climbing on climbing bloqx in an urban area


    Children having fun on a ship themed playground in a public park

    Pirate Ships

    Children playing on a castle themed playground in a park


    simple play tower in a park with options of customisation

    Simply Play Towers

    children climbing and sliding on colourful playground set


    Toddler climbing on a play system designed for toddlers

    Toddler Multiplay

    children playing on a fairy tale themed digital play system

    The Smart Playground™ (DIGITAL)

    Fitness Playgrounds

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    Is colour important in a playground?

    Colour is important for all ages - green can suggest balance, red can indicate excitement and yellow is happy so we use these colours within our range and strong colours can help children distinguish between objects.

    What is the lead time on equipment?

    Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks and our contracts department will keep you updated regarding delivery changes.

    Where do I start when picking equipment?

    Due to the extent of our range of equipment it can be hard to decide on what suits your site-our design and sales team have many years experience in the playground industry and can help you decide what suits your area and budget.

    Where do I get prices?

    Contact our office or email our office for pricing or to receive a price list.