Playground Budget Breakdown

What does it cost to build a playground?

GreenLine play panel at a playground in Randers.

What is the average cost of a playground?

To understand the overall cost of a public playground from start to finish, we have exemplified all the costs involved in commercial playground projects. Whether you have a large or small budget, we want to ensure no surprises along the way.

As a rule of thumb, the cost of playground equipment should be over half of your budget - typically around 50-60%. Other factors related to the installation typically consume the rest of the budget. High-quality, commercial-grade playground equipment can be seen as costly due to the standards, requirements, and regulations it must adhere to.

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While playground equipment takes up around approx. 60% of your budget, the rest of your budget is allocated to services related to the playground building, playground installation cost and shipping. We also must ensure that your commercial playground safety criteria meet your local rules and safety regulations in order to fit the playground equipment accordingly. This process can also impact the overall playground price.

  • Playground equipment 60%

  • Safety surfacing 20%

  • Site amenities 0-10%

  • Installation services 10%

pie chart of what it cost to build a playground

Breakdown of Costs Explained

The more complex the design solution, the higher the cost. Let’s explore the overall cost considerations that will impact your playground budget:
Wooden playground castle in Finland

Playground Equipment

Without playground equipment – no playground. We believe that high-quality materials are the means to create playgrounds that will withstand the test of time. The featured materials will impact the cost; consider whether you want wooden, high-density polyethene, or metal materials.

Choosing strong and durable wooden materials, such as Robinia, keeps the maintenance costs low, and extends the lifetime of the playground. In areas with high wear and tear and perhaps even with the possibility of vandalism, products made of steel and high-density polyethene reduce maintenance costs.

drone shot of the installation of a commercial playground


You have different options for construction and installation, depending on the complexity of your playground. Working with separate companies can add to the cost of your playground, whereas working with KOMPAN as your only supplier can reduce the overall cost.

You can jump over to our installation page to learn more about a full-service KOMPAN installation.

drone photo of playground landscaping


Not all playground installations are ready-to-fit solutions. A playground site often requires extensive landscaping and preparation before installation. If the playground site is on a very sloped area, it might need levelling, at least part of it. The dig-away can be used as a small hill on the playground, as children love to run up and down hills. Using the dig-away as a small hill prevents the cost of getting rid of the dirt.

Sometimes the site holds an existing playground. The removal of existing equipment also impacts on the costs. If your site is on a hard soil area, digging is a complex task. This naturally drives up the cost, and the cost of this type of digging is challenging to put an exact number on.

shipping cost of building a playground

Shipping Costs

You must also bear in mind the delivery of your playground. The delivery will drive the cost up or down depending on the freight and location of your playground.

Green bench and table set at a playground

Site Amenities

A public playground often needs to cater for other things than play. Public spaces are all about connecting your community and creating a space where people can meet and enjoy being outdoors. Consider outdoor furniture such as tables and benches, bins to keep the area nice and tidy, areas with shading, or fences around the playground that act as safety factors, so the children stay safely inside the playground area.

Safety Surfacing

Play surfacing makes up a significant part of your playground project. Some considerations you have to bear in mind are fall-height, inclusivity and accessibility, maintenance, design theme and materials.

  1. Loose fill - Sand or wood chip has a natural look, and this type of material also has the advantage of being cheaper in the upfront investment. A loose fill option requires a yearly top-up that must be kept in mind. Be aware that sand is not just sand. Fall sand is a specific type of sand that does not compact, maintaining injury prevention. Likewise, woodchips must be engineered with wood fibre to protect children from fall injuries.

  2. Pour in Place Rubber: Pour-in-place rubber can be made in many colours and form patterns that enhance the theme and the type of play in a playground. For example, dolphins next to a ship or a water splash at the end of a slide. Pour-in-place rubber is accessible to wheelchair users and walking-impaired children, parents, or grandparents. It has a higher initial cost, but a yearly top-up is not needed, which means a lower operating cost.

inspection of a playground


Owners of public playgrounds and fitness sites have a responsibility to users and the public to keep their play and fitness areas safe at all times.

At KOMPAN, we also conduct on-site inspections on any third-party manufacturer’s equipment.

Maintenance & After Service

Our KOMPAN maintenance teams worldwide have vast experience with after-service. We offer high-quality service and maintenance agreements, from complete all-inclusive Expert Maintenance agreements to much more straightforward Repairs in own Management agreements. This is an additional cost consideration to bear in mind.

Please get in touch with your local KOMPAN sales office for a free quote on your specific service and repair queries.

5. Playground cost breakdown with examples

Public Parks


Public Parks

Playground products


Installation of products


Surfacing incl. installation









Playground products


Installation of products


Surfacing incl. installation









Playground products


Installation of products


Surfacing incl. installation






House Association


Homeowner Associations

Playground products


Installation of products


Surfacing incl. installation






*Based on 2022 US pricing (excl. tax) and serves to exemplify what a playground can cost on average – given green field, flat area, surfacing only under products, and no site limitations.

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