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Children playing on a wheelchair carousel on a playground

Inclusive Playground Ideas

Inclusive playgrounds is built upon the philosophical bedrock of universal design—enabling engagement by children with a myriad of abilities. These designs must facilitate not only physical inclusivity but also cater to cognitive, sensory, and social needs. Each piece of play apparatus is meticulously crafted to be as barrier-free as possible, ensuring that inaccessible structures or functionalities sideline no child.

Creating inclusive parks that champion inclusivity not only meets legal requirements but also enriches societal values. These playgrounds become community hubs where diversity is celebrated and encouraged through play.

If you're considering building an inclusive playground, this page offers you different examples of inclusive playgrounds to start your planning phase.

Why is inclusive playgrounds important?

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Inclusive Playground Examples

Get the full story and find inspiration from the inclusive parks below

Acorn Park SEN School

Acorn Park School is part of the Outcomes First Group, which runs around 40 Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools, colleges and homes for municipalities across the UK. Acorn Park School is for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to an extent that makes it too demanding for them to join their local school.

A boy an girl playing on a playground carousel

Buccaneer Bay, Central Park

Central Park in Dartford lives up to the city’s mission of having an offering that appeals to all children, including children with various disabilities. Jeremy Kite, MBE, Dartford Borough Council’s leader, says: “Our playground in Central Park was worn down. The aim was to establish a new play environment with a distinctive, immersive playground that would benefit the borough’s children for years to come.“

Timmeler Meer Recreation Centre

Stück zum Glück: One of 50 inclusive playgrounds in Germany, by Aktion Mensch, Procter&Gamble and REWE.

Timmeler Meer



Customer Case

Acorn Park SEN School


Universal Inclusion in Playgrounds

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Why are Inclusive Playgrounds Important

Playgrounds are critical social infrastructure in modern cities, as some of the few places where children can roam and play freely and securely. This is why all children should be considered, including children with disabilities, when great playgrounds are designed.

A playground is never better than how the individual child feels seen, heard and included. An inclusive park can encourage or inhibit play with its location, design and play equipment. Ensuring that inclusive playground equipment# meets stringent safety standards is paramount for fostering a secure environment. #Inclusive playground designs must cater to various abilities, intentionally integrating tactile, auditory, and visual elements.

The concept of "universal design" and "adaptive play" must always underpin decision-making to truly embrace inclusivity in play spaces designed for diverse abilities and preferences. If you're looking to build an inclusive park playground, check out your inclusive playground funding options.

Playground planning

How to design inclusive playgrounds?

Inclusive play equipment
children playing on an inclusive accessible ADA playground

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Children playing on a wheelchair carousel on a playground

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