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Inclusive & Accessible Playground Equipment

Inclusive playground equipment is not only designed to be accessible for users with mobility disabilities, like wheelchair users but to be universally usable. This implies that as many as possible, with and without disabilities, should be able to use equipment and play on the playground.

Browse through a wide selection of different inclusive playground equipment. Some can be accessed and used independently, such as the Universal Carousel; some are explicitly designed for assistance into play equipment for users with mobility disabilities. But the design is also made for independent use once assisted in, for instance, the ramped slides, the Tipi Carousel or the Inclusive Net Twister. Others, again, are designed primarily for ground-level use, such as many of the dramatic play pieces, such as playhouses or ships.

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Inclusive Carousels

For children on the autism spectrum as well as for children with a range of physical disabilities or impairments, training the sense of balance helps their ability to function more independently.
Universal Carousel


Universal Carousel

2+ Years

29.1 m2

8 Users

Choose sensory playground features and ground-level play options

Inclusive playgrounds serve as a sensory-rich oasis, tailored to engage all children regardless of their sensory processing abilities. Interactive panels and textured pathways stimulate tactile and visual senses, promoting cognitive development. They are pivotal components of a sensory playground designed for inclusivity.

In formulating inclusive playground equipment, ground-level play options are essential. They remove the barriers to participation, enabling children of all abilities unrestricted access to play experiences. Such inclusivity is particularly poignant for wheelchair users and those with mobility challenges. Many inclusive playground structures has accessible ground-level features, like the sensory dome or play towers that has sensory play panels placed for everyone to enjoy. You can learn more about inclusive playground design here.

Wheelchair Accessible Playground Equipment

Inclusive playgrounds must inherently facilitate ease of mobility, ensuring wheelchairs and assistive devices can approach, enter, and engage with all play areas unassisted. This demands equipment that is level with surrounding surfaces, allowing easy movement onto and across features.

Ramps and wide decks are the keystones for wheelchair-friendly play environments, inviting children of all mobility levels to explore alongside their peers without physical barriers. Below you will find a selection of play structures with ramps, as well as climbing playground equipment with sensory ground-level elements.

Are you in the beginning of your planning phase? Check out your options for funding inclusive playgrounds# or find more examples of accessible playgrounds #here.


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