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We design, produces and install almost 500 playlands every year all over the world. The Head Office is based in Liège, Belgium and our multilingual team operates on an international level.

The adventure started in 1990 and still continues growing whilst preserving its particularities and enriching itself with all the expertise from the KOMPAN Group all in order to ensure a mission: Make your project into play a fun and a profitable investment.

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Specialist for more than 30 years and leader on the market of indoor and outdoor contained playground equipment.

Our Services

Helping out and pleasing our customers is our top priority. Our operational and commercial services will supply to you design in line with your request. Once your play-unit has been chosten/selected our experienced installers will travel all over the world to install the equipment on site. In all our Service after Sales will always be available to get you the answers to your requests and demands.

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Aux commercial network is always at disposal of our clients. Your needs will always be the starting point for us. Do not hesitate to contact them and share with them your requests and demands!


Due to the high level of flexibility of our products we will always be able to realize the prefect technical solution to your dreams, even the most crazy ones. Our designer are trained to invent and they use high level IT-touls to create playareas in ligne with the European norm EN1176.


Our play-units are produced constantly supervising the need to meet the highest standards of quality that constitute our reputation. Controls are being made on each product leaving our production to ensure they meet the EN1176 norm.


Our installation teams are seasoned and know very well our products and our quality standards. A post installation inspection on site undertaken by an independent company will insure that the playplace delivered and installed on site meets all rules and regulations in place and also meets our customers workbook.

Maintenance and Warranty

Our warranties are amongst the highest you can find in our area of business. It s our way of thanking you for your trust in us. Our technical experts from the After Sales Department are at your disposal for any further questions or needs. They will ensure to well collect your demands as is standard with KOMPAN Commercial Systems, they and all of us will deliver a quality service. In order to ensure that your playplace and the experience remains superb day-in day-out, do not forget to select our solutions on maintenance. This will ensure the durability of your playplace and you can also benefit of some exceptional advantages. Your playplace will be perfectly maintained at all times!

Do you have any questions about our products or services?

For any further information with regards to our products and services please contact us. Our Teams will ensure to get back to you within the shortest delays

Get inspired from previous projects

With over 50 years of experience in playland facilities KOMPAN is listening to you to better understand your real needs and requirements and to get to the best solution possible. Our only objective is to bring you the greatest satisfaction and we do not doubt to achieve that thanks to the support of all our teams, from the design till the completion. Our adapted and unique solution will help you to increase the satisfaction of even the most demanding of all the young users: the children! And whilst the kids are having fun, the experience for the parents in the end is perfect.

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Do you have any questions about our products or services?

For any further information with regards to our products and services please contact us. Our Teams will ensure to get back to you within the shortest delays