Creating happier and healthier communities

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Creating happier and healthier communities

KOMPAN's ambition is to provide cities and municipalities with durable and low-maintenance outdoor activity areas that add hours of fun, activity through play and fitness and last but definitely not least - a strong sense of community and pride for people of all ages and abilities.

Enjoy examples below of how cities and municipalities across the world have created outdoor activity areas that fit into their specific area and create tons of value for the people around them.

Playgrounds for parks & public spaces

At KOMPAN, we're dedicated to transforming parks into vibrant community engagement and joy hubs. Whether you need a new playground or refurbishing your old one, we are ready to help you. With over 50 years of experience, KOMPAN offers high-quality park playground equipment that makes your park or public space a meeting point for the community.

We support your playground dreams from start to finish, and our playground experts are ready to guide you to ensure your playground becomes a success.

Below, you can be inspired by some of our playgrounds built for communities worldwide. Some of them are inclusive playgrounds; some are custom playground structures. And some are more classic playgrounds with slides and swings.

Outdoor gym equipment for parks

An outdoor fitness site with the right type of equipment offers a free workout space for your community. It's a place to socialise and have fun. Paired with a playground, parents can workout while their children play on the playground.

Building an outdoor fitness site for your community can be challenging with the various outdoor gym equipment available. Our fitness experts are ready to guide and help you find the perfect outdoor gym.

Whether you want a callisthenics gym, an obstacle course around your park, or an outdoor gym focusing on accessibility, you will find inspiration in the fitness sites below.

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What our customers have to say

Customer case

Henry Rolland Park, Canberra, Australia

In the centre of Canberra, a new KOMPAN outdoor gym in Henry Rolland Park is considered a city attraction. The combination of high tech, easy-to-use equipment and the great location overlooking Lake Burley Griffen, has immediately established the fitness site as a popular spot to get trim and fit.

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A New Standard - Designing Greener Playgrounds

Customer case

Ramsden Park, Toronto, Canada

The landscape architect behind the new playground in Ramsden Park, Toronto, had a vision to create something new and exciting, but through including something old. By old, she meant incorporating both the city’s heritage and some time-tested favourites from the existing KOMPAN playground. The new playground uses yellow colours and themes from Toronto’s history of brick, and has maintained several of the timeless play items from the old playground, like the iconic Crazy Hen. After giving years of pleasure in its former location, the first of the revolutionary springers is still in great shape and has become part of the new playground.

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Voss Activity Park, Norway

Outdoor fitness with a fantastic view!

The activity park close to Vangsvatnet in Voss, Norway has quickly become the community’s preferred workout place and the heart of the town. The activity park is so well equipped that the local fitness center uses the park for outdoor boot camp classes, during spring and summer.

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Lincoln Park, Boston, USA

With Lincoln Park, Boston has finally reached its goal of a maximum distance of a 10-minute walk to the nearest recreational area, and offers the citizens of Somerville respite from the city environment. The densely populated area has limited space for outside activities, so creative solutions were needed to create a place where residents of all age groups are offered the opportunity to socialize, become engaged and be challenged.

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Covington City, Indiana, USA

The Robinia castle, the center-piece in the park, was popular before it was even built. When asked to draw their dream playground, the kids of Covington, put a castle at the top of their fun list. So they got one.

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Central Park, Prague, Czech Republic

The owl has landed. In Prague, one of Europe’s most cultured cities, the first of a new generation of playgrounds has been placed in Central Park. According to the park users, the newest addition to the park has soul and is so spectacular that it makes the park special. The Robinia Owl has quickly become a huge part of the park; it belongs there, and feels like it has always been there.

KRS CentralPark Prague 1

Customer Case

Withrow Park, Toronto, Canada

Withrow Park in Toronto, Canada proves that cooperation between KOMPAN and landscape architects and municipalities results in great projects that make communities happier and healthier. It was a cooperation that was strengthened by adding the wishes of the children themselves. The result, a revitalized park full of adventurous and innovative play, was the perfect way to start Withrow Park’s second century.

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Cross training systems in beautiful scenery at Vangsvatnet lake, Norway

Voss Activity Park, Norway


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Rope playground at Providence, South Ripley

Adventure playground in Providence, Australia

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