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Henry Rolland Park

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Man doing pull-ups at Henry Rolland Park outdoor gym

The color, the forms and the setting attract people to come and exercise

In the center of Canberra, a new KOMPAN outdoor gym in Henry Rolland Park is considered an attraction. The combination of high tech, easy-to-use equipment and the great location overlooking Lake Burley Griffen, has immediately established the fitness site as a popular spot to get trim and fit.

The tall, orange arch framing of the Cross Systems equipment from KOMPAN make people curious, and the great functionality causes activity to follow. Numerous people stop by thanks to the site being centrally placed to where people live and commute, and more specifically, right next to a path used by runners and cyclists.

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The app is really good, especially if you are confused about what you can do or how to do an exercise. it’s really detailed and good animation.

Rob, Outdoor Exerciser

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Outdoor fitness, free of charge and always open

The equipment at Henry Rolland Park promotes outdoor functional training stations for all ages and abilities. There is no minimum physical entry level, everyone can use it; teenagers, mothers' groups, tourists and of course fitness enthusiasts.

Pull up and parallel bars along with suspension trainers offer over 100 different exercises. The most popular exercises are illustrated on big signs to assist users, but more inspiration can be found with the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app. The app can monitor your training and help you find exercises for a personalized workout based on individual needs. Overall it is a fresh approach to fitness, one free of confining walls and frustrating subscriptions.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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