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Commercial Playground Swings

An all-time favourite for many.A playground swing is a type of equipment commonly found in playgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces. It typically consists of a suspended seat or platform that is attached to sturdy chains or ropes, and is designed to be propelled back and forth by the user's weight and momentum.

Swings are a popular choice for any playground setting. Three main elements determine the type of swing: the materials used for the posts, their shape/size and the seat type. Commercial Swings for playgrounds come in many sizes, variations, and shapes: From classic A-frames to contemporary swings that can carry groups of children.

The playground swing is ever-present in our childhood memories, and rightly so. It provides one of the first breakthrough moments in our development. It's where we moved from being dependent on pushing adult hands to daredevil swing-as-high-as-you-can independence. The swing as a playground classic has evolved from the traditional swinging seat into an exciting range. Today, it is possible to join friends on the Bird's Nest Swing, on the Cocowave Pendulum, or with the entirely different experience of the Duo Swing, where a solo swing experience becomes face-to-face fun. And speaking of face-to-face, the You & Me Seat lets two generations in on the fun.

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    Benefits of Playground Swings

    Besides being extremely fun, swings contribute to essential aspects of motor-skill development. For example, when swinging, children train and improve agility, balance, coordination and spatial awareness - all necessary skills when judging distance and navigating safely in traffic. The swinging movement trains the arm, leg and core muscles, and the bone density when jumping off. Play activity on swings also enhances:

    Sensory experiences

    Swings offer a variety of sensory experiences, such as the wind in their face, the feeling of weightlessness, and the sound of the chains creaking.

    Social interaction

    Swings allow children to play and interact with one another, fostering social skills and teamwork.


    Swings can be used by children of different ages and abilities, making them a popular and inclusive playground feature.

    Promotes exercise

    Swinging is a low-impact form of exercise that helps build strength and coordination while also being enjoyable for children.

    Vestibular stimulation

    Swings provide a repetitive, rhythmic motion that stimulates the inner ear, leading to improved balance and coordination.

    Therapeutic value

    Swings can be a therapeutic tool for children with special needs, helping with physical and emotional development.

    The motion of swinging requires younger children to anticipate cause and effect and manage rhythms. The height and speed of swinging trains children's judgement of distance and height. All these essential cognitive abilities are crucial for a child's development through childhood.

    Durable Construction for Long-lasting Play

    KOMPANs classic swings can be constructed with as many sections as you want. All types of KOMPAN swings are compatible with our frames and come with industry-leading warranties. They are all compliant with industry standards.

    Customisable Swings for a Unique Playground Experience

    No two locations are the same, and every playground deserves its own character. We offer freestanding equipment in many different designs and materials, allowing you to build the best site for your unique community and its playground users. Our swings are a traditional playground structure with great flexibility in terms of colour and aesthetics and can be customised to match the needs of your area, theme or desired style. The possibilities are endless, with multiple colours, configurable frame options, and many customisable seats. Contact your local playground consultant for more information on the extended range of options for configurable playground equipment.

    How to Choose the Right Playground Swing

    There are a few things to consider when contemplating freestanding playground equipment, such as commercial swing sets.

    Age and abilities of users

    Choosing swings for your public playground depends very much on the key user group and the shape and size of your playground area.

    Types of Frames for Swings

    The types of swing frames you choose can add an additional element of excitement and novelty for your playground. Although traditionally shaped in the form of an A, modern swings are not limited to this setup and come in a larger and more fun variety.


    Available in 6.5 feet and 8 feet height with posts of hardwood or hot dip galvanised steel.

    Portal frame

    Vertical posts of hot dip galvanised steel or powder coated on a pre-galvanised steel base. Swing frame end connectors and crossbeam of hot dip galvanised steel or powder coated on hot dip galvanised steel base.

    Cocowave Pendulum swing

    Available in multiple options: untreated Robinia wood, brown pigmented or green coloured version, rope or stainless steel chain suspensions, wood inground or steel footings.

    Types of Seats for Swings

    Seats create the most incredible opportunity for choice and individuality – as a single stand-alone or in a combination that best fits your needs. We offer standard swing seats, duo swing seats, baby seats, toddler seats, You & Me seats and bird nests with various diameters.

    Standard seat

    The standard seat is a classic design that is made from durable commercial-grade materials. It is a great choice for all ages and provides a comfortable and secure place to sit and swing.

    Duo seat

    The duo seat is designed for two riders and features two seats that are side by side. This is a great option for children who want to swing together or for parents who want to swing with their child.

    Baby swing seat

    The baby swing seat is designed for infants and features a secure harness that keeps the child safely in place while they swing.

    Toddler seat

    The toddler seat is designed for young children who are too big for a baby swing seat but not yet ready for a standard seat. It features a secure harness and a smaller seat size to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for the child.

    You & Me seat

    The You & Me seat is designed for two riders, with one rider facing forward and the other facing backward. This is a great option for parents and children or for friends who want to swing together while facing each other. It typically features a secure harness and a comfortable, ergonomic design that allows for a fun and enjoyable ride, and is one of the staples in inclusive playground equipment. All of our products are available with either hot dip galvanised chains or stainless steel chains, with anti-wrap suspensions as an option to prevent the chains from becoming tangled. Selected products with low carbon emissions are available in Greenline versions, made mainly from post-consumer ocean waste.

    Need help finding the perfect swing?

    Browse through the selection on our product site or be inspired by some fantastic projects we have developed worldwide. At KOMPAN, we are always ready to support you. You can contact us if you have questions about swings or other products. We are also happy to talk you through commercial playground safety regulations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I replace the swings on an existing playground?

    Yes, you can. At KOMPAN, we are more than happy to help you remove existing commercial swings even if installed by another company.

    2. Can the swings be customised?

    Yes, our range of commercial swings offer great flexibility in terms of colour and aesthetics. They can easily be customised to match the needs of your area, theme, or desired style.

    3. How much space do I need for playground swings?

    As a rule of thumb your fall-zone in front of and behind your swings should be twice the height of the swing itself. To avoid collision, swings must be placed at least two feet (~60cm) apart. Spacing to the left and right of the swing frames must be at least six feet (~182cm).

    4. What are the safety considerations when installing swings?

    A commercial playground must comply with national standards and safety regulation to ensure a safe space for children to play. All playground equipment must undergo regular and thorough inspections.

    Please contact your local KOMPAN sales office for a free quote on your specific service and installation agreement.

    5. Do I need to install the swings myself?

    No, we are here to help. Playgrounds are only safe when all items and equipment are correctly installed. Therefore, assembly and installation need to be carried out by professionals. If you choose to install yourself, we offer full delivery inspection to ensure that all the details are ideally in place and that all safety requirements are compliant. 

    6. Are swings just solo experiences?

    Different swings provide many opportunities for social interaction among children. KOMPAN's Bird's Nest seat offers a spacious place for many children to stand, sit and lay, and is inclusive for all. Children must cooperate and negotiate when swinging on a Cocowave Pendulum swing, while the open design allows for easy access. Swings are excellent facilitators of inclusive play and train vital social skills.

    7. How much does a KOMPAN swing cost?

    The price of our swings varies according to type, size and design. At KOMPAN, we always strive to provide the optimal play solution for your specific needs and customisation requirements. We offer hundreds of playground swings, and the prices of our swings will therefore require more information regarding your exact wishes. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for a specific swing or your specific playground.

    8. Is there such a thing as a modern swing?

    Yes. The technology of a swing is relatively basic, but in recent years designers at KOMPAN have given it more than a make-over. Our commercial swings come in many shapes and constructions made from carefully selected materials built to last. KOMPAN swings can be produced in infused pine wood, hardwood, Robinia wood or hot dip galvanised steel. The swing seats are made from comfortable non-slip synthetic materials with wood inserts connected to the swing frame stainless steel chains.