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Ball sports have, throughout time, fascinated people, and still do. Playing for fun whenever you want is hugely popular, but this puts a demand on the accessibility of facilities. They need to be available at all times and conveniently close to the potential users. For this, a multisport solution is ideal. It is relatively small and highly flexible in offering a common platform for many sports, and in that way making room for all kinds of users – children, teenagers and adults. 

KOMPAN Multisport is designed to make a dedicated space for popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, badminton and handball, but it is not just about physical exercise. All supported activities are team sports and thus very social. Placed in a public park, city centre, local school or sports club, in fact anywhere, it automatically attracts people to be active together. 

Go for a distinct design with COSMOS multisport or make your own unique design with our flexible MUGA system.

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Cosmos Multi Sport

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    outdoor functional training fitness equipment

    Cross Training

    Street Workout

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    Stay Fit

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    Obstacle Courses

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    Cross Training Compact

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    Wooden Fitness

    Obstacle Courses Robinia

    Fitness Jumpers

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    Signs & Accessories

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