Built to last

Highest quality materials

Built to last

Nothing lasts forever. All playgrounds face the trials of weather, use and abuse, and will eventually succumb to the ravages of time. That day can be postponed for a lifetime by using the finest of materials and the cleverest of designs. Quality costs, but quality also lasts. A simple equation that in the fullness of time pays dividends.

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Play Panels

The 19mm EcoCore™ panels are made from a highly durable and eco-friendly material that is not only recyclable after use but also made from >95% post-consumer recycled waste.


Main posts are available in four different materials.

  1. Impregnated pine wood with in-ground steel footing.

  2. Galvanised steel with powder-coated top finish.

  3. Colour-anodised lead-free aluminium, made from low-carbon aluminium.

  4. TexMade™ posts made from >95% post-consumer recycled textile and plastic waste.


All decks are supported by uniquely designed low-carbon aluminium profiles with multiple attachment options. The grey-coloured moulded decks are made of 75% post-consumer PP material with a non-skid pattern and texture surface.

Galvanised steel

Our steel surfaces and steel frames consist of a hot-dip galvanised inside and outside with leadfree zinc according to global safety standards for playground equipment. The galvanisation has excellent corrosion resistance in outside environments and is maintenance free


Ropes in high-quality polyester fibres offer high strength with balanced elongation properties, are very resistant to abrasion and are incredibly durable in all weather conditions. Each strand is tightly wrapped with PES yarn in >95% post-consumer recycled material, which is melted onto each individual strand, making the ropes highly wear- and vandalism-resistant.

Robinia Wood

Robinia wood is a very strong and long-lasting material with a very high level of natural oils. Thus Robinia wood makes durable playgrounds which are close to maintenance free and able to last for many years.

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