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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Around the world, people are moving to the outdoors to exercise. Especially in recent years, we have seen a significant increase in outdoor workouts and open-air gyms. Cities, communities, sports clubs, and neighbourhoods are building outdoor gyms for inhabitants and members to get fit in the fresh air. KOMPAN's adult outdoor gym equipment offers the same great workout you would get inside but without the confinement of a traditional gym.  

We understand the importance of accessibility when providing quality outdoor fitness equipment for parks and public spaces. Carefully chosen combinations of training equipment and surfacing allow for hundreds of different exercises and programs for all fitness levels, making it possible for everyone to stay active and healthy. This way, all users, no matter how fit they are, to begin with, can get a meaningful workout.  

For all users and purposes 

Our outdoor fitness parks are designed for gyms that want to enable their members to use outdoor fitness equipment to get a challenging workout. An outdoor activity area also caters to sports clubs that want their broad audience of members to have a motivating obstacle course as an option and municipalities that want to make outdoor fitness available to everybody. Cities and communities that want to promote a healthy lifestyle to community members will benefit from outdoor sports courts for teenagers and adults to play basketball, soccer, or hockey. Modern seniors are typically very active up to high age. At the same time, age does impose particular needs and limitations. That is why we have developed outdoor fitness equipment for rehabilitation and senior citizens, perfect for senior living complexes that want their residents to stay fit and have an active senior life. To help children develop, we design our fitness playground equipment to improve physical, cognitive, creative, and social/emotional skills to build essential life skills and friendships.  

For all locations 

KOMPAN's outdoor workout stations are available in several designs and materials. We use the most challenging materials to ensure that our outdoor gym solutions stand the test of time, weather, and usage for decades. 

The health benefits of outdoor fitness systems keep unfolding. Now, it is easier than ever to create healthy outdoor spaces utilising flexible, durable outdoor fitness equipment suitable for all fitness levels. You can easily combine KOMPAN's top-quality commercial outdoor fitness equipment to design solutions most suitable for your community. Whether it's a park, a schoolyard, a small area on the harbour, or a green spot near residential housing, we can fulfil your needs, and our experts are more than happy to help and guide you in the right direction. 

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    Most of the great sports of the world - football, soccer, tennis, baseball, golf, rugby - have one thing in common.  They are played outdoors. It’s not just about the space, but the atmosphere where these sports take place. Fresh air is an invaluable asset in making the body perform better, a natural partner to exercise and feeling good.

    Sure, you can get fit in a gym, but as a supplier of outdoor gym equipment, KOMPAN understand how you can take your workout to the next level by adding the extra challenges and benefits that only nature can provide. With KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment, participants enjoy the additional benefits of sunshine, fresh air, and connecting with community.

    KOMPAN’s extensive range of commercial outdoor fitness equipment results from collaborative research between a team of in-house fitness experts and industry experts. They have taken their observations, studies and recommendations to engineers who have responded with the first series of equipment that performs to the level of indoor equipment outdoors. Plus, the KOMPAN Sports and Fitness app supports products which helps guide, mentor, and measure performance.   

    As a manufacturer of commercial outdoor fitness equipment, KOMPAN has created fitness products that are built to last. KOMPAN's outdoor gym equipment is designed for the outdoors and is durable to withstand all weather conditions. It also utilises patented, innovative technology that provides the user with an incredibly effective workout. Check out our fitness planning page to see more about how to build an outdoor gym.

    KOMPAN is a company that understands the importance of accessibility when it comes to providing quality outdoor fitness equipment for parks and public spaces. Carefully chosen combinations of training equipment and surfacing allow for hundreds of different exercises and programs for all fitness levels, making it possible for everyone to stay active and healthy.

    We also offer fitness playgrounds with various fitness equipment for school-age children.

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    Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    With outdoor fitness stations and outdoor cardio equipment, numerous benefits become immediately available. Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen improving blood pressure and heart rate.  This additional air flow also assists the digestive system, making it more efficient and aids in dieting.  Utilizing outdoor fitness equipment for parks goes a long way in creating healthy communities helping users to support individual fitness goals alongside fellow participants. Being outside, especially among like-minded people, inspires a more active mindset, even upon returning indoors. Just ask schoolteachers how much easier it is to conduct a class after recess! More oxygen results in increased brain performance, improves concentration skills and provides more energy. In addition, being outside on a good day will help to produce vitamin D from the sun, a necessary nutrient for optimal health and immune support!

    On straight health improvement, oxygen and fresh air help white blood cells fight bacteria and germs, dilating the lungs and helping clean them. Outdoor fitness equipment in public parks can also help make people happier! Endorphin levels increase when we are out in the open. An American study indicated that stress levels were reduced in 71% by simply walking in nature.

    The health benefits of outdoor fitness systems continue to be revealed and now it is easier than ever to create healthy outdoor spaces utilizing outdoor fitness equipment that is flexible, durable and suitable for all fitness levels. You can easily combine KOMPAN's top quality commercial outdoor fitness equipment to design solutions most suitable for your community. Even if you want it to fit in to a natural environment, or you want to bring nature into an urban environment you can, with the Robinia Wood product lines.