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A healthy community needs a healthy heart

Nothing brings people together quite like sports and exercise. Truchtersheim in France, with more registered athletes than inhabitants, is proof. Their new outdoor fitness and sport area from KOMPAN is a major attraction for all its residents, and beyond. Children come to find friends on the multi sport pitch while being active, while many seniors have returned to sports because of attraction by the user-friendly features. At weekends, the area is filled with young people doing street workout sessions. The community has created an environment, where its residents are brought together through sports and exercise. It is a place where strangers become acquaintances and acquaintances become friends. This outdoor sport and fitness area proves that a healthy community needs a healthy heart, and Truchtersheim’s is beating strongly.

In the beginning, they were just acquaintances. after training together and exchanging techniques, we have become friends.

Florian Graessel, Outdoor Exerciser - Truchtersheim resident

Activity area for everyone

The COSMOS PITCH is a multisport arena that is a focal point for sports events, with great opportunities for spectating. The whole concept has enticed many seniors in Truchtersheim to return to sports. Exercise for seniors helps prevent life-style diseases, reduces the risk of falling and helps maintain important motor skills. Overall the area provides a focal point for more than just the locals, through exercise. The outdoor gym training stations offers a variety of exercise opportunities for all levels of training. The parallel bars are great for beginners, who can adjust the resistance by resting the feet on the additional lower bars. The innovative Magnetic Bells offer exercises very similar to kettlebells and medicine balls. Due to the integrated brake system, the Magnetic Bells offer scalable resistance and are therefore appropriate for any level of endurance.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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