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Park furniture is indispensable

Park Furniture is an indispensable part of public space and KOMPAN has therefore created an assortment of comfortable park furniture inviting citizens to have a seat and relax. Choose between a wide variety in design and materials. Our Classic range is wellknown, the RUMBA collection combines square, curved and round shapes, and the AGORA is developed with inclusion in mind.

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    As alternatives, our Rumba and Agora selections use innovative contemporary design to grab the attention of passers-by whilst remaining functional and effective. Incorporating the same low maintenance, yet high-quality materials as the Classic range, these options work perfectly for adding an impactful and eye-catching element to your outdoor space. As playground furniture, the Rumba range piques the curiosity of young minds and encourages communicative development opportunities, whilst public spaces gain an air of modern elegance through the Agora choices. Whatever your needs, we have an outdoor furnishing solution that can cater to your requirements and create a long-lasting and effective space.

    Each of our outdoor ranges also includes specialist inclusive designs, catering to wheelchair users and ensuring that your outdoor environments can deliver an effective furniture solution for all.

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