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What are Playground Spinners?

Commercial playground spinners are pieces of spinning playground equipment that spin clockwise and counterclockwise. They come in various shapes and sizes and thrill children in parks, schoolyards, and playgrounds. Spinners and carousels are the perfect vehicles for physical development, building muscles and bone density. They also push evolving nervous systems into new areas, and the sense of balance, a vital life skill, is further enhanced by just spinning.

Our spinners and carousels add innovation to the joy of spinning and attract children of all ages and abilities. The wide range, from stand-up Spicas and Supernovas to sitting in Spinner Bowls or the Tipi Carousel, our spinners allow a variety of actions while creating opportunities for social play and practising the life skills of making friends, taking turns and thoughtful sharing. Let’s spin into joy.

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Benefits of Playground Spinners

It's natural for children to want to spin. Even without play equipment, they love twirling around, getting dizzy and feeling the thrill of spinning.

And spinning is vital in child development. Children actually need the dizzying feeling from spinning, as this is an important movement experience that helps the child’s nervous system mature.

Other advantages of commercial spinners are:

Gross-motor skills

Spinning improves the children’s gross motor skills, ability to balance the device, and the strength used to spin other children around.

Sensory stimulation

The spinning motion of carousels provides sensory stimulation, helping to develop the children's awareness and promote social interaction and cooperation as children have to play together and take turns using the equipment since they need others to spin them around.


Spinning playgrounds provide an opportunity for children to communicate and learn to work together.


Spinners of various sizes accommodate different age groups and skill levels, making them a versatile addition to any playground.

How to Choose the Right Playground Spinner

In the past, there needed to be more explicit safety guidelines for roundabout playgrounds. They were often made with varying standards and qualities, reducing the children's safety on a playground.

Nowadays, modern playground spinners come with 1) ways to limit the speed at which a child can spin, 2) have requirements for commercial-grade quality and durability, 3) have proper distancing between the different  equipment pieces, 4) have mandatory safety surfacing 

Enjoy the Thrilling joy of Supernova, Carousels & Spinners

Children cannot get enough of the sensation of speed and spinning. A great way to create a variation on your playground is to accommodate spinning equipment that offers graduated rotation options. Spinning is something for every child, but only some enjoy super fast spinning. Whether you are interested in the Multispinner Carousel, the Spinner Bowl or the Starsurfer, our play experts are here to help you decide on the correct type of spinning equipment for your user group.

Combine Spinning Options for all Ages and Abilities

Playgrounds with spinning equipment are very popular. Research suggests that playgrounds with spinning equipment have more use and physical activity. Spinning not only enhances children's sense of balance but a great sense of balance is also closely connected to mathematical skills. Make sure to offer spinning equipment for all ages and abilities – the younger and the older children. Combining spinning equipment that offers individual spinning and equipment that can hold groups spinning is also a great way to create spinning options for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spinny things on a playground called?

The playground spinning thing is called a roundabout, a merry-go-round, a playground spinner, or a carousel, depending on your country of origin.

What happened to merry-go-rounds?

Many older merry-go-rounds have been removed from playgrounds and replaced with newer, safer ones. Today, commercial playground equipment must comply with stringent safety standards.

How do playground spinners work?

Spinners for single-use work by using your body weight to set the item in motion. For spinning items fit for more users, children can hop on and off while the item is spinning; they generate movement by pushing against the ground to create momentum and use their body weight to slow down or accelerate the spinner. 

Are playground spinners inclusive?

Spinning equipment usually facilitates inclusive play. Just make sure that surfacing allows accessibility to the actual playground spinner. The right spinning equipment is especially beneficial for children with autism.   Learn more about inclusive playgrounds here

Are playground spinners safe?

Many things can be done to ensure the children's safety on a spinner playground. Firstly, ensure that your spinner is made from commercial-grade materials with industry-leading warranties. This will prevent the equipment from breaking and causing accidents. Comply with height regulations to prevent falls from high up. Also, ensure the spinner has safety handles and flooring to prevent falls and slips. Ensure spacing between the surrounding playground items and create a no-running zone around the spinner to avoid accidental hits.

Do modern playground spinners limit the speed?

Yes. Nowadays, modern playground spinners come with ways to limit the speed at which a child can spin.