Playgrounds close to nature

Wooden playgrounds for you who believes in natural aesthetics

A sustainably conscious and aesthetically appealing choice

Our nature playgrounds are crafted in nature's most durable wood type - Robinia. It is known for it's natural preservatives that makes it ideal for a long lifetime in the outdoors.

There are 2 ways to go

1. Playgrounds that are made green

Playgrounds made in materials that we have made greener. To do that, we use recycled waste sources that give these playgrounds a low carbon emission footprint.

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large wooden playground castle in Tallinn, Estonia

2. Playgrounds that are born green

Playgrounds made with nature's own materials. Also known as nature playgrounds. We use Robinia wood from sustainable forestry. You can also go even greener with FSC certified wood.

Top natural playground choices for you

Large wooden playground castle in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin Castle, Estonia

Borgholm Pirate Playground, Sweden

Tucker Ranch, United States

Porvoo, Finland

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, United Sates

The wood we use

A playful tree sort

The Robinia tree is crooked and whimsical in its look. The tree's bark has deep lines that makes it look old and wise.

Sustainable forestry

Robinia grows faster than any other tree sort and is harvested from sustainable forestry in Europe.

Robinia lumber

Underneath the bark, the Robinia lumber has a beautiful, warm colour. It is soft for children to touch.

Naturally durable

Robinia wood is nature's most durable wood type. It is known for it's natural preservatives that makes it ideal for a long lifetime in the outdoors

Design on nature's terms

All Robinia play structures are pre-assembled at the factory to fit the naturally uneven wood pieces together.

Play close to nature

The Robinia wood blends in perfectly with natural surroundings.

What about creating a sculpture in wood?

See our wooden play sculptures

Nature playgrounds from across the world

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