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Outdoor cardio equipment

The KOMPAN Cardio family moves some of the more complex indoor gym equipment into the fresh air and expands its potential by utilizing the technology we already use, the smartphone. KOMPAN's outdoor cardio equipment is a perfect addition to any outdoor gym station.

The two bikes, the City and the Sport, each give a different exercise experience. Both are available with and without a 7” touchscreen. All outdoor stationary bikes can connect with your smartphone using the KOMPAN Cardio App or other programs to guide or record your progress toward your cardiovascular fitness goals. The resistance in each piece is adjusted through ten levels from 25 to 600 watts – and you are your own power bank.

Click here to watch the science behind KOMPAN's outdoor fitness bikes.

A third option, the Arm Bike, also has the capability of connecting with your smartphone – and is accessible from both sides allowing users to sit or stand. The openness also provides easy access for wheelchair users to utilize our outdoor arm bikes.

The famous Cross Trainer known from the indoor fitness world is also available for outdoor workouts. And with ergonomics improved even more, KOMPAN's Cross Trainer provides an intense workout and adds an extra intensity layer with a special glute mode.

The four pieces of outdoor equipment, seven if you include the touchscreen variations, are available in 14 different colours. The adjustable resistance is an important feature, allowing the session to be individually customized.  

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The four pieces of equipment, seven if you include the touchscreen variations, come with a further choice, colour, the main frame being available in orange or black. The adjustable resistance is an important feature in that it allows the session to be individually effective. Too many workouts are a waste of time because the equipment has little or no correlation to gain the most value from the exercise. From pedaling air to a positive training experience in the fresh air. Countless studies point to the added value of breathing in fresh oxygen when completing an outdoor cardio workout.

Frequently asked questions about our Cardio Exercise Equipment

How weatherproof is the equipment?

It is super robust – it is specifically designed to perform under all weather conditions. KOMPAN design team and engineers were given the brief of taking the technology out of the gym and breathing a new breath of life into it by ensuring that it had a totally positive training effect.

Do I need expert help to understand the equipment’s possibilities?

No, of course using the app will maximize the session.

What apps can I use?

Basically we’ve chosen to use the open fitness biking protocols for the app – every app that connects to a home or gym trainer can also connect to the KOMPAN. This also means that Swift is included.

Do you need a connection to the electricity grid?

No, you are your own powerhouse. Through the resistance and your muscles you are rewarded with up to 750 watts of power.

What can I use the power for?

The machines themselves use the power for the resistance system.

Why do I feel better after an open-air workout session?

You answer the question in your question. Open air is very much the key. It helps clear your lungs. No amount of filtering can clean the atmosphere indoors to replicate fresh air. Indoor air often has a suboptimal balance of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, especially in enclosed rooms with little or poor ventilation. Of course, the positioning of the outdoor features is paramount to creating the perfect result. That opens the debate about which is better, sea air or mountain air. Mountain air contains less oxygen than air at lower altitudes, so breathing it causes the heart to beat faster and the body to burn more energy. A handful of studies have found that athletes training at high altitudes tend to lose weight. Sea air is really beneficial. The bracing climate by the sea is good for the respiratory organs and the skin, but also improves circulation and strengthens the body's defences.

Are orange and black the only color options?

No, there are seven colors to choose from and if you want to reflect the colors of your school, gym, organization or city we can customize.