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KOMPAN Fitness Institute

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KOMPAN Fitness Institute is all about using knowledge and science to create the most fun, social and effective user exercise experience.

Outdoor Fitness grounded in Knowledge

The KOMPAN Fitness Institute is a network of sports and fitness experts and professionals who conduct research sharing knowledge and trends. The network maintains strategic partnerships with local parties, including universities, researchers, scientists and fitness experts, that are valuable in improving knowledge about sport and fitness at large.

This knowledge permeates how we develop our outdoor fitness equipment for outdoor use and create inspiring outdoor fitness sites for all ages and abilities.

Research in outdoor fitness
Testing and developing outdoor fitness equipment
Providing insights to customers and end users
Collaboration with universities and organisations
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Our focus areas

Using science to create the best possible user experience

An aerial view of a playground and outdoor fitness site in a park.

Designing Outdoor Fitness Spaces for Different Types of Users

Webinars about outdoor fitness

outdoor fitness site for different users. Strength and street working equipment

Creating outdoor fitness sites for different types of users



How to create outdoor fitness sites for senior citizens

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Outdoor Fitness Sites

Outdoor gym with strength training machines at Kypegården

The 7 best outdoor fitness sites in the world

An aerial view of a school playground with fitness and ball game area

New insights on activity spaces for teenagers

White papers about outdoor fitness

Active aging fitness

Meet the KOMPAN Fitness Institute

Morten Zacho

Head of KOMPAN Fitness Institute As head of KOMPAN Fitness Institute Morten has the responsibility for implementing science into KOMPAN fitness concepts. Morten is also a Teaching Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, in the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics. Morten has previously worked at internationally recognized research institutions within the areas of exercise, such as medicine and active living, and has co-authorship on 17 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Rob Boogmans

Fitness Concept Director Rob is educated within physical therapy and personal training, and with over 20 years of fitness experience, Rob is one of KOMPANs fitness experts. Rob has been a pioneer within outdoor fitness since 2008 when he founded Standing-Strong Outdoor Fitness. Rob has been a part of the KOMPAN family since 2014 when Standing-Strong and KOMPAN merged to create KOMPAN Fitness Institute, which is now widely recognized as the most innovative company in outdoor fitness.

Rikke Hansen

Rikke has a Master's in Exercise Physiology and is a certified physical trainer with specialized training in TRX, kettlebell, trigger point, etc. She has experience teaching in various trainer programs, developing and ensuring the quality of educational materials, and consulting for sports organizations. She has also worked as a national instructor and development consultant for "Move for Life, Fitness,".

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