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Dinosaur Playground

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Custom dinosaur playground in Helsingborg in Sweden

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A journey back in time

A giant dinosaur has been located for the first time in 66 million years. Its impressive size of 12 meters dominates the park in Helsingborg. It would swallow children in one bite if it weren’t wooden, and it has become a great hit for children who enjoy running into the beast and sliding down the side.

The children chose the dinosaur theme in an "idea competition", and the T-rex is now ready to welcome all children to the playground.

KDSR SE Dinosaur 2
What I am most proud of is the joy I am seeing in the children when they come here to play. It's fantastic.

Johanna Elgström, Head of design & planning - Helsingborg City

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Dino Swing

Dino Swing


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