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Commercial Playground Equipment for Teenagers

The commercial GALAXY™ playground equipment for older children is often used as a crossover between KOMPAN playgrounds and fitness sites. And because of its beautiful curves and transparent design, GALAXY™ is a favourite with architects and developers worldwide – it is regarded as the origin of modern playground designs. 

Not that long ago, tweens, let alone teenagers, viewed a playground as a place for their younger siblings rather than for their own enjoyment - and with good reason. It wasn't that there was just a gap in the market; there was a crying cultural need. No one really offered fun and exciting playgrounds for teens and tweens. They were, too often, left to their own devices. 

Satisfying this need for teenage playground equipment required rethinking and not just remodelling well-trodden play techniques: Enter the commercial GALAXY™ play structures. These futuristic play structures looked like nothing that preceded them. They were game changers and outstanding public freestanding play structures offering responsive and dynamic built-in teen activities. 

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    Pirate Ships

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    Benefits of Our Galaxy™ Playground Equipment for Teens 

    Outdoor play is one of the best and most valuable forms of development activity. The events of 2020 have underlined just what it means to be without it. If there are any positives from the global lockdown, it is in the realisation of what it means to get out and enjoy life and the importance of fresh air in terms of essential health. The value of playgrounds has never been so understood. Teenage outdoor play equipment is an excellent alternative to sitting in front of screens. Research suggests that tweens actually do love to play outside if the play activity is challenging and age-appropriate. Providing teenagers with playground equipment in a park or even a middle school playground will encourage physical activity, fun ways to exercise, and a cool place to hang out with peers. This opportunity of let's meet at the playground has a stronger incentive than let's meet somewhere unknown. The GALAXY™ play structures offer various challenges that build physical skills and give tweens and teenagers a place and a reason to evolve their communication skills.

    Age-Appropriate Play Equipment for Teenagers  

    The GALAXY™ play units became the world's first solution to move away from the traditional post-and platform and play tower designs. The futuristic aesthetic design of the play structures is massively attractive to tweens and teenagers, as these futuristic playground designs intrigue and match their growing status. These teen-spirit commercial play structures have dynamic and responsive built-in activities such as climbing which we know is an important motivator for tweens—especially the girls. Furthermore, the word age-appropriate also indicates that tweens want to hang out with peers, so play structures appealing to younger children may discourage them from actively using them. If you are looking for more playground equipment for tweens and teens, check out our climbing BLOQX or GIANT Playground towers.

    How to Choose the Right Playground Equipment for Teenagers 

    The best way to choose public playground equipment for teenagers is to choose age-appropriate play structures. You should also consider your designated area's play capacity, size and shape. Get in touch today to learn more about KOMPAN's products or services that open the door to the outside and teenagers' play hearts.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is what is in the brochure the full extent of Galaxy™?

    Certainly not, perhaps more than any other KOMPAN product, it is the most flexible. The super-structure can be configured in an almost endless number of ways and size, and then there is colour . . . the PET components come in blue and lime and there are six colours available for the stabilisers and anchors.

    Are they inclusive?

    Yes, inclusivity is at the core of KOMPAN's DNA, so naturally, these playground systems also come with inclusive options. There is no denying that the structure is aimed at adventurous tweens and teens who are drawn to climbing its ridges and slopes, but the underside is designed to offer wheelchair users involvement. Don't hesitate to contact your nearest play consultant for more information on the level of inclusivity each play system holds.

    Why doesn’t the Galaxy™ structure rust?

    The secret lies in top quality steel that is hot dip galvanised and then given a powdered coating (if coloured)

    Are they safe (since they have tall climbing challenges)?

    Yes! All KOMPAN inspirational playground equipment is safe and certifiable. At KOMPAN, we have, since 1970, developed outdoor play equipment that stimulates and challenges children, with safety as the paramount consideration. Every part of the design, engineering, production and construction process is geared to ingrain safety into the final products that are certifiable by TÜV.

    Are they effective in physically stimulating children?

    Yes. Climbing is an essential, fun developmental activity for children to strengthen motor skills and muscles.

    Do teenagers actually want to use the Galaxy™ playground equipment?

    Yes, they do. The GALAXY™ play structures are created based on insights from our research on tweens and teenagers, and tweens and teenagers also tested the structures before they went into production.

    Are they suitable for schools?

    Yes indeed. The GALAXY™ structures are very suitable for schools and older school kids. The combination of physical and social climbing is a perfect match for teenagers looking for a play structure where they can be active, socialise and play.

    How much space do they require?

    Since these commercial play systems are aimed at older kids, you should expect more room for these structures than smaller playgrounds. However, the fact that GALAXY™ is a preconfigured play system means you have optimal space utilisation. We strongly encourage you to download the KOMPAN AR App to visualise the playground structure on site. You can download it via App Store or Google Play. If you prefer talking to our play consultants, they will gladly help you determine the right size for the designated playground area.